'Destiny' Titan Shoulder Charge Glitch Discovered

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 08, 2017 09:20 PM EDT

"Destiny" has already reached its end with the "Age of Triumph" event underway. Most dedicated players have most likely already completed their record book to mark their progress with the sci-fi shooter. "Destiny 2" has been announced and a gameplay reveal is scheduled next week. Meanwhile, several players have reported a newly discovered glitch that allows a Titan with the Striker sub-class to perform a Shoulder Charge almost instantly.

If done normally, the player needs to first gain momentum by sprinting with the Titan for a short distance and afterward perform the Shoulder Charge. It is not known if the glitch existed before the "Age of Triumph" event or it surfaced due to some recent updates. The glitch apparently allows "Destiny" players to do a one-hit kill melee even in tight spaces quickly, says Game Rant. It might seem that users can immediately perform the move but it still requires a very short run to execute.

Several players also pointed out that the Titan Shoulder Charge glitch is not necessarily a game breaker. However, a well-positioned player can definitely catch opponents off guard in the crucible. It adds another reason for "Destiny" players to view Titans very differently. Most users are already aware how fast a Titan can be in the hands of a good player, so it is understandable for the rest of the community to report the glitch to Bungie.

"Destiny" users also noted that the glitch for the Titan Shoulder Charge attack can be executed toward any angle, unlike the regular one. Bungie has not issued an announcement about the fix, but most users are confident that the developer will address the issue soon. It is speculated that the problem might be resolved before the Iron Banner event starts next week.

Besides the Titan Shoulder Charge glitch, the "Age of Triumph" event for "Destiny" has been mostly smooth sailing. Gamers can enjoy a new featured raid every week, as reported by Gamenguide. Players can also attempt the weekly challenges to score Adept versions of weapon loot drops from the raids. The Iron Banner event next week also features the first time that Mayhem Clash becomes the modifier.

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