'Destiny: Age Of Triumph' Only Features One Refreshed Raid During Launch

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:29 AM EDT

It is quite obvious that fans are looking forward to the "Destiny: Age of Triumph" live event this week. It's no secret that the game's Fireteam community is excited about the refreshed raids that were updated by the developer. However, it seems that Bungie failed to provide a detailed explanation as to how the content will be delivered. Each refreshed raid will unlock every weekly refresh and will stay unlocked after its release.

Fans have always assumed that all four refreshed raids are available immediately, but it appears that "Crota's End" will be the only one available during its launch. The developer has reportedly confirmed that "Destiny: Age of Triumph" will showcase only one refreshed raid in its first week. Game Rant notes that fans who expected to take on the fan-favorite "Vault of Glass" raid will be most likely disappointed.

The allure of the elemental primary weapons has surely drawn the interest of veteran players. It appears that gamers will have to wait a little more until they can get their Year 3 Vex Mythoclast, Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence. "Destiny: Age of Triumph" will reportedly have a new Featured Raid in the game's main director menu, it will be right beside the Weekly Nightfall Strike. Challenge Modes will only be active for the weeks Featured Raid.

Players will only be able to earn the adept versions of the rewarded gear as long as they complete the Featured Raid. Bungie explains that "Destiny: Age of Triumph" players will still be able to earn the gear, albeit at a lower 390 light level. The developer obviously failed to inform fans that they will unlock a newly refreshed raid every week. "Vault of Glass" launches next, followed by "King's Fall" and "Wrath of the Machine" as the last.

Gamenguide has reported that the "Destiny: Age of Triumph" refreshed raids will not only feature new and updated weapons. The new content will also include new raid armor and other weapons that have been out of the game's loot pool for quite some time.

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