A Greek Mythology Universe Would Have Massive Franchise Potential

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 30, 2018 10:41 PM EDT

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Jon Favreau's Iron Man in 2008, other studios have been looking to emulate the immense success which has led to Marvel Studios making over $16 billion worldwide at the box office. Marvel's comic book rivals DC have created their own extended universe, while Universal has tried to start one using some of its most iconic monsters. The formula, which involves different storylines and characters intertwining over numerous films, is one that looks set to continue. One idea which could be a major hit is a universe which involves all the classic gods from Greek mythology.

Greek mythology has made its way to the big screen

The legendary characters from Greek mythology are well known in popular culture today, despite being created thousands of years ago. Gods such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Hades are still used frequently in fiction to this day, while others such as Heracles have gone on to inspire better-known characters like Hercules.

Quite recently, Greek mythology has been used in Hollywood in Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. The 2010 offering starring Liam Neeson made a respectable $423 million at the box office, while the 2012 sequel raked in $305 million worldwide. For a combined total of almost $1 billion, there is a clear market out there for more films using the classic gods from ancient Greece. It is also worth noting that the first few films in the MCU enjoyed similar success at the box office.

Online casinos have taken inspiration

The reason why a universe based on Greek gods could be a major hit is that there is massive franchise potential surrounding it. Nowadays, studios often look to collaborate with casino game developers in order to get their titles into the game world and attract more viewers. In particular, online slots are frequently based on the most popular movies around. Films like Gladiator, The Dark Knight, and Tomb Raider have all been made into online slots in an effort to bring the films to the attention of the millions of online casino users.

A universe based on the classic Greek gods would already have a number of online casino players ready to watch the films, as there are already slots based on some of the characters. For instance, there is a slot game based on the Greek god of the underworld, Hades. Players seem to like this slot, and what they think about Hot is Hades is that it is a "fun video slot that lets you outsmart ancient mythological creatures and gods to win massive cash prizes." One of the reasons that the Hades slot is so popular is because the character is so interesting, and could easily be made into a hugely popular antagonist in film.

Greek mythology spans much further than the gods that most people know, and if someone decided to create a universe about them, they would have more characters to choose from than the sprawling MCU. It certainly would make for an exciting and intriguing series with excellent franchise potential. Let's hope that one of the Hollywood powerhouses makes this happen soon.

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