Awesome Super Mario Games To Play For Free

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 28, 2019 09:24 PM EST

Do you remember the times when everyone was obsessed with Mario Games? It goes without saying, Mario Game is a classic and addicting platform game. You need to have control of the main character Mario and his friend and enjoy their fantastic adventure. All Mario Games are full of obstacles and exciting levels.

Get ready to discover the best free mario games! Every Mario's fan will find an interesting game from the following listing. Mario will make every day of your life more exciting and colorful. Many stories and challenges are waiting for you and your friends. Are you ready to give a try? The collection of Mario's Games gets updated continuously, so follow the updates online. Enjoy free Mario Games!

  1. Super Mario Bros. Classic

In this game, you will have to build your own levels. It is so exciting to create your new Mods! Hundreds of traps, enemies are waiting for you and your friends. Each level has different difficulties. Playing the classic edition of Super Mario Bros. you can change everything you want, for example, place a mushroom or make evil Bowser.

  1. Minecraft Super Mario

Minecraft Super Mario is a free online game that you can play right now with your friends. There are many fans of both Minecraft and Super Mario games. This time, in this exciting Minecraft Super Mario game, you have a great chance to try both of them at the same time. You will play as Mario in Minecraft version. You will wander around collecting different cubes, building your own buildings, making a garden or even a park.

  1. Super Mario Rush

Super Mario Rush is an excellent game that you can play for free. If you are a real Mario fan, your favorite game is coming! In the Super Mario Rush game, you will have to use your mouse to rotate the character as fast as possible to cross never-ending dangerous obstacles. If you move not fast enough, your character will be swallowed up by fire. Do not forget to collect as many coins as possible while keeping yourself safe.

  1. Super Mario Rush 2

The game "Super Mario Rush 2" is entirely new in the Mario world comparing to some retro versions. You will enjoy controlling the character you will choose to keep him moving forward in dangerous maps. Prepare yourself to jump a lot to avoid difficult obstacles. You will collect golden coins on your way to reach a higher score. Besides, this game offers you several choices with multiple maps.

  1. Mario Back In Time

In this game, Bowser has prepared a lot of new challenges and traps for players. Help the main character to eliminate the struggle. Collecting all the mushrooms to get the magic flower with which you can shoot fireballs is not that easy as you may think from the first sight.

Choose the type of Mario games that you want at any time. You will have fun guaranteed!

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