A Review of checkpeople.com - Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Feb 01, 2021 02:39 PM EST
A Review of checkpeople.com - Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?
(Photo: A Review of checkpeople.com - Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?)

CheckPeople has a lot of positive reviews related to result accuracy and helpfulness, accessibility of the website, and quality of customer service. Users concur that it saves them a lot of time searching manually. It never generates duplicate entries, which sets it apart from the bulk of background check services. What's more, results are compiled into an easy-to-read, well-organized document that you can download in pdf. 

Much of the information in this CheckPeople review will surprise you. Read on to find out if you're really getting your money's worth. However, before we get to that, a word of caution: it is illegal to make a hiring decision or a decision about insurance, tenancy, or consumer credit using the data retrieved by this company. They're not a credit reporting agency in accordance with the FCRA. Other than that, the provider is completely safe to use and fully legitimate.

Ways to Search 

You can perform a free search using someone's phone number or name. The site will show a list of potential matches displaying family members, age, and location. This should make it easy to see if you got the person you were looking for. This feature is indispensable for search targets with generic names.

The menu is extremely user-friendly, letting you switch between personal information, address history, criminal history, related people, marriage and divorce records, and other categories with a single click. If there are no results in a particular category, it will be demonstrated clearly. 

Check People has one of the most straightforward menus I've ever come across. To go back to your account settings, simply click on the Home tab at the top. You can change your password here, among other things. You'll also see a direct link to the background check reports generated. 

Great Customer Service 

If you need help using Check People, are experiencing problems, or simply have questions, you can contact customer support by phone or email around the block. This lets you focus on analyzing the findings, which would be cumbersome if you were struggling with support. They are easy to review even if you're running multiple searches. 

I was very pleased about how seriously the company takes customer privacy. They guarantee anonymity and confidentiality of their searches.  

High Quality of Information  

Here's where we get to the core of the matter. There was no record of my marriage or divorce when I did a self-check, but that's because this information is not reported in my state. Background check services can retrieve such records only in states that make them public. Of the phone numbers looked up, most were connected to the actual user. However, the information was outdated on occasion. One or two of the numbers linked to a previous user. 

Final Thoughts 

Some have expressed concerns over being upgraded to a paid subscription automatically and also over unclear pricing. You can sign up for a free trial for five days. After that, Check People will upgrade you to a paid membership. If you don't want one, cancel your free trial before the five days are up. 

Overall, I would say you're getting your money's worth with Check People. This is a reliable and professional background check service. The site processes queries accurately and without fail. If you need just one report, it costs around $5, and you don't need to subscribe. If you require multiple searches, their Power Plan is best. Last but not least, Check People is fully compliant with the Act on Children's Online Privacy Protection. 

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