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By Staff Reporter , Updated Mar 11, 2019 10:58 PM EDT

The gaming industry is massive and packed with variety. There really is something for everyone out there and each game has its own unique features. Here are some of the best you can find on the market today.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse? Well, "The Last Stand: Dead Zone" is your big chance to find out. 350 Days since the initial outbreak of a mutation virus, it's just you and a few lucky survivors in the Union City, known more commonly now as the Dead Zone. You can build your compound and a team of survivors - and assign them a role that will help you to survive - and go on looting and crafting missions across the city. All's fair in love and zombie apocalypses, which means you can even raid from other players or form alliances with them as you see fit... whatever it takes to survive in this enthralling strategy and shooting game.

Strike Force Heroes 2

You know you're in for a good game from the very moment the music of this epic shooter game kicks in. You can customize the soldiers and the weapons and play in a variety of different modes. Build up your arsenal and progress through the levels to become the ultimate fighting machine. Oh, and there's also the welcome fact that you're doing this in outer space, so it's not your everyday battle.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Read Dead Redemption 2 has spent plenty of time in the headlines recently. The attention to detail means you can spend hours on the game, without even getting into the main storyline. While playing the game, you're expected to feed your horse, get regular haircuts, maintain a healthy diet and develop a good poker strategy. Otherwise, you'll find your character runs in to some trouble. Its clear that the time and effort spent developing the game has been worth it, with sales topping 15 million in just eight days.

The Cube Escape: The Cave

The point-and-click puzzle game "The Cave" is the ninth game in the Cube Escape series that continues to delight fans online. The game continues the Rusty Lake story - which is the name of the game's studio and of the game world itself - and your job is to help an old man who has discovered the cave, and wants to go deeper into it, to solve the puzzles and mysteries around the cave. If you like this one, why not try the previous 8 games?

Sands of the Coliseum

Russell Crowe captured the attention of movie fans around the world as Maximus Decimus Meridius in "Gladiator." Now it's your turn to step into a coliseum and go up against sword-wielding adversaries while a bloodthirsty crowd looks on in "Sands of the Coliseum". The challenge is to slash your way to the top of the gladiatorial rankings, so customize your character and outfit and get down to battle. The soundtrack, which blends hard rock and orchestral music, adds that extra intensity to the game. Enjoy!

Epic Fantasy Battle 3

Fans of fantasy and Manga-style animation will love "Epic Fantasy Battle 3." Clearly, it appeals to somebody out there, given the numerous walk-throughs available online. This turn-based fantasy adventure game earns full marks on generosity. You'll come up against more than 70 different types of monsters to slay throughout the game, have a choice of more than 80 different skills and spells that you can use and be able to collect over 80 different pieces of equipment.

The game comes in four different levels - Easy, Normal, Hard and Epic - and fills you in on the concept before you start so you're not left scratching your head about what's going on. The soothing sounds of harps and flutes play as you explore the different scenarios so that, even though you're battling monsters, there's still a very leisurely, relaxing feel to the game. If it all gets too much, though, the game does kindly provide the option of turning it off.


Don't let the almost criminal pun in the title put you off. You can have absolutely bags of fun with this cute but chaotic little multiplayer platform game. The object is to bring back the cheese safely within 2 minutes and build up your Shaman skills - bringing back the cheese safely makes more content available to you. In each level, one of the players must be the Shaman - if it falls to you, your job is to help the other players get the cheese.

"Transformice" has 7 different modes, 200 official maps and at least 5 million maps that players themselves have made, which creates all kinds of possibilities. If you find yourself become incredibly fond of the game, feel no shame: each month, the official site posts pictures it has received from fans, so you're most certainly not alone. The game's Home Alone-esque soundtrack in itself might endear it to you.

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