Apex Legends Recent Update Patch: What’s New?

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Aug 08, 2019 03:18 PM EDT

If you haven't heard of it yet, recently, on July 16, Respawn has finally launched an update patch. It has dropped for all platforms that were reported to hold a whole bunch of issues. The main goal of the client patch was to address all those crashes, bugs, and exploits that players were complaining about.

If you are a true fan of Apex Legends, you probably know that unlike other trending battle royales such as Fortnite, this game doesn't have weekly updates, which is a pity. Instead, players have to rely on their complaints to be heard by the developers and addressed in small irregular updates.

Although the patch released earlier this month isn't too huge, it still solves quite a few big issues that used to affect players' experience. Now, with this update, the game will become much better for users across all different platforms, which is great.

One thing to know if you haven't updated yet is that this patch doesn't bring any new content to the game. Its main goal is to target the current issues and ensure that Apex Legends runs well for players across different platforms. However, this is already good enough.

One of the biggest problems tackled by the recent update patch is the bug that enabled Havoc to rev up and fire without being fully charged. As we can see from the complaints on Reddit, this bug really made many players concerned, so this is an important fix.

What else has been changed? Here is a full list of issues that were addressed by the patch:

  • Recently Havoc players could fire full auto without having to charge up - fixed

  • Users have been complaining that the preview video of D.O.C.'s Shock Finisher of Lifeline was not running when you view it from the menu - fixed

  • Recently there were cases of the Care Package clipping through map geometry - some of them are fixed

  • Users were reporting the text overflow on the ApexStat page - fixed

  • Recently there was a confusing bug that allowed users to unlock the level 94 Battle Pass reward at a wrong time - fixed

  • Users reported about some script, game logic, and client crashes - some cases are fixed

  • Stats from the first season are temporarily unavailable while the developers are fixing some issues related to it

  • Recently players were set in non-optimal data centers by mistake - some cases are fixed

The list of improvements is quite impressive. However, there is still lots of space for enhancing the users' experience. For example, one of the big issues that still haven't been solved is the Code Leaf error that appeared in the game along with the launch of the second season. And many other problems are waiting to be solved.

Luckily, as users can see from the Respawn's Trello, the company recognizes how much work they still need to do. There is a list of all bugs that still should be solved sometime soon. Thus, we are expecting developers to launch new update patches that will bring players' experience to a new level!

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