5 Cutting-Edge VR & AI Trends to Watch Out in 2019

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Aug 15, 2019 03:20 PM EDT

It is our hope and the hope of gamers everywhere that 2019 is the year when VR finally becomes mainstream!

The hardware is better, the prices are quite affordable, and you don't depend on cable connection as much as you used to. Still, you'll need an advanced gaming rig to do the processing fast enough to enjoy the full experience.  

However, it seems that we're finally at a point where producers and gamers are finally ready to embrace the full potential of VR.

So, let's take a look at this exciting industry and what we can expect in the very near future.

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VR Marketing is Behind the Trends

Just like the military always pushes innovation in security-related fields, marketing is the engine that drives the VR trend. Now that the technology is advanced enough, companies like CVS, Sony Pictures and Netflix decided to put their trillions of ad dollars into the technology.

They do this because VR supports a much more immersive type of marketing than we have ever seen. And it is coming quickly because of the ease of producing 3D photos and models and 360-degree video. We are already seeing that immersive ads perform up to 10X better than traditional ads, so we can expect more like this very soon.

Standalone VR is a Reality

When you think of VR, you usually think of a high-powered computer, cables, and other hardware elements that don't inspire portability. However, nowadays we can enjoy the joys of VR in a true cable-free format due to the Oculus Quest release.

Everything started with Oculus Go but this version didn't make the waves Facebook thought it would at that time. The world probably had to catch up to the technology. But it seems they are all caught up now, and we hope that Oculus Quest will move this trend forward in a big way, bringing us full 6DoF viewing and even better gameplay.

Third-party producers started to create some great material for standalone VR that rivals the popularity and gameplay of today's classic games, which gives the material a high probability of social media virality.

VR on Browser Gaming

While it may be a bit of a stretch to expect real VR for browser games, it is something we can dream about. After all, wouldn't it be cool to play titles like Stickman Rope on Crazy Games on a full-scale world that can be explored in real-time?

Not to mention that there is a huge amount of potential for MMORPGs and cloud-based games on browsers because these infrastructures are already infused into the cloud. Honestly, Xbox and PlayStation are still playing catch up!

AI Meets VR

AI is reaching new heights as you read this article so there's no wonder it is being used to create a better and more personalized VR experience. The combination has potential for a wealth of new ways to communicate!

Furthermore, AI is a big part of the gaming world nowadays as it helps to create more realistic worlds that adapt to the player's desires. Starting with NPC's behavior and ending with more immersive worlds, AI is the answer to a better virtual reality experience!

Wrap Up

With the new trends and promised developments, we can expect lots of wonderful things. Just imagine playing Minecraft Classic in a world where you can actually pick up the blocks and see everything in 3D from the perspective of a game character and not the outside observer!

It is highly likely that technology will progress at a rate faster than what we have predicted. As people see what is possible and more brain power joins the action, things will improve as people try to bring each other more immersive and powerful experiences.

At the end of the day, it is a great time to be a consumer, especially in the world of gaming. Let's all sit back and wait for the miracle of technology to happen!

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