Uber Accidents on the Rise! Be Prepared!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 19, 2019 11:29 PM EDT

It is easier than ever to get from place to place. Ridesharing has made traveling in a city smooth, efficient, and inexpensive. You no longer have to wait long periods of time for the arrival of a taxi. Uber has put more cars and drivers on the road, and anyone with an Uber app can arrange for a pickup within minutes. 

This transformation of private transportation has not come without problems. Nearly anyone with a private vehicle can become an Uber driver. The guardrails of training and safety-consciousness have been removed, which means that the public is being daily exposed to drivers whose driving records are far from pristine. If you have been hurt in an accident caused by such a driver, you should know that you have rights. Hiring an Uber accident lawyer can help you protect them.

Uber Accidents are on the Rise

Accidents involving Uber cars have increased significantly. This is established fact. Two main factors have contributed to this trend. First, most drivers do the job part-time. They tend to take shifts between higher paying full and part time jobs. They work as Uber drivers to make up what they need at the end of the month to pay bills.

Second, the low fares offered by Uber drivers may benefit passengers, but they do not benefit drivers. Given the highly competitive nature of the rideshare industry, drivers are compelled to get as many fares as they can. This encourages some to break traffic laws in order to do so.

What You Should Do After an Uber Accident

Getting into an accident may be the last thing you anticipate during your Uber ride. But you must be prepared for such an event. The first moments after an accident will be hazy and unclear. It may take you some time to get your bearings. Once you have regained focus, you should take these actions:

1. Remain calm and on scene

You cannot leave the site of the accident. Only after a police officer has taken your statement and released you can you go. To do otherwise is to break the law.

2. Check your body

You may feel no immediate pain. The impact of the collision may have numbed parts of your body. This does not mean you have not been seriously injured. You should check your body manually for broken bones or serious bleeding.

3. Call emergency services

Make this call immediately. Try to answer the operator's questions with clarity and precision.

4. Get driver information

You should then take down the name of the driver and other pertinent details. You need not assign blame for the accident. Indeed, it is better if you keep your own counsel regarding this matter. Doing so will maintain the peace.

5. Speak to witnesses

If you are up to it, you should speak to bystanders who witnessed the accident. Some of them will be eager to tell you what they saw. You should take down their words. Be sure to get the name and contact details of each person you speak to.

6. Go to the hospital

No matter how good you may feel, you need a proper examination. As you are not a medical expert, you cannot tell if you have sustained internal injuries. If you have sustained obvious cuts and bruises, then you want to photograph these before they are treated.

7. Gather documents

Do not leave the hospital without hard copies of all documents related to your accident. You should also start recording your recollections of the accident.

8. Hire a lawyer

The first person you should speak to, aside from members of your family, is an Uber accident lawyer. If you were injured, it is right that you receive compensation. An Uber accident lawyer can help you take the steps necessary to do this.

Why You Need an Attorney

Uber has a policy of paying up to $1 million to passengers hurt in an accident involving one of their drivers. The company will not give this money immediately. They will expect the driver's insurer to compensate you. If this is not possible, if the driver is not properly insured and cannot make restitution, then Uber will step in. Even then, however, they will offer a low dollar figure.

Uber may try to contact you directly. You should refer them to your attorney. Indeed, you should make no commitments to accepting any offer made by the company until your personal injury lawyer has had a chance to review it. The matter is best left in the hands of your attorney. Your direct involvement may confuse things, and you may accidently make a remark or comment that undermines the case you have against the company.

If your injuries are relatively light and the sum offered by Uber covers all your bills and the wages you missed from not being able to work, then your attorney may advise you to accept it. However, if you have suffered grievously as a result of the accident, then your personal injury lawyer will demand more money. If Uber refuses, then you will be forced to sue them.

The Impact of a Serious Accident

If the Uber accident you were involved in leaves you severely injured, it can be some time before you are fully recovered. You may have to undergo a succession of painful operations and months of rehabilitation and physical therapy. All the while you will not be able to generate income. And if you sustain a permanent disability as a consequence of the accident, you may have to give up your job or line of work.

This is a terrible financial burden to bear for you and your family. Uber should be required to pay its share of the cost.

What Your Attorney Can Do

A ridesharing accident attorney is a car accident lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases. They understand the industry and have experience in dealing with Uber accidents like yours. They will have the insight and expertise to provide you with first-rate counsel.

Uber has advanced the legal theory that since its drivers are not employees the company cannot be held accountable for the accidents they cause. Judges and juries have disagreed with this argument and have awarded large amounts of money to people injured in accidents caused by reckless and negligent Uber drivers.

The car accident lawyer you hire can get you the same kind of justice. The first thing they must establish is that the accident was the fault of the Uber driver. To do this, they will employ in-house private investigators. The latter will re-examine the evidence and the statements made by witnesses. Indeed, they may interview witnesses not spoken to by police, some of whom may have testimony or even video camera evidence that strengthens your case.

Your lawyer will also bring in experts who can use the forensic evidence left at the scene to develop a simulation of how it happened. Your lawyer will also solicit testimony from medical experts. This will be crucial in explaining to the court the extent of your injuries, the cause of them, and the long-term debilitating affect they will have on your life.

Your contest with Uber need not go to trial. The company may prefer to settle the matter out of court rather than face another defeat in it.

If you have been in an Uber accident, then you need a tough, smart, and determined legal advocate. You should call a ridesharing accident attorney to discuss your legal options. 

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