How to Edit Photos like a Professional

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 14, 2019 08:53 AM EST
How to Edit Photos like a Professional
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They say that an image tells a thousand words. If that is truly the case, then a professionally edited image can tell anything you want it to.

Transforming a standard photo from your camera roll into a work of art is a craft, one that anyone can master with the right tools.

The photo editing market is worth a staggering $730 million worldwide, as the demand for perfect images grows larger by the day.

If you want to compete with the best and construct truly spellbinding images, here's how to edit photos like a pro.

1. First, Take a Good Base Photo

When learning how to edit photos online, it's worth remembering that even the best tools cannot perform miracles. If your base photo is a blurry mess, then there is precious little that can be done to fix it.

You'll also want to ensure the light in the room is just right before editing photos. Natural light is your best friend, so try and take photos outside or near a window.

Use a tripod to reduce shakiness and avoid using flash if you can help it.

2. Learn How to Edit Photos with the Right Software

A workman is only as good as his tools. If you want to learn how to professionally edit photos, you'll want to use the same software as the pros. Fortunately, you don't need to splash out a wad of cash to get the best platforms.

Adobe Spark is arguably the best free photo editor on the market right now, one that is used by photographers and designers across every industry you can think of.

What's best is that free tools such as this one make photo editing simple, without being too technical or jargon-filled.

3. Exposure is Everything

Anyone learning how to edit photos like a professional will quickly be told that exposure is everything. Put simply, this is the amount of unfiltered light that hits your camera's sensor.

Too much exposure can make a photo look washed-out, undefined, and severe. This is the first thing you should tinker with on your photo editor.

The easiest way to get this right is simply by adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlights until the result looks right.

4. Bring Out the Right Colors

Vivid colors are what bring an image to life. To make any photo truly pop, there are plenty of easy ways to go about it. You can start by trying out different filters in your photo editing app.

You will be able to work through dozens of different filters until you find the one that best fits the composition of your photo.

You can also select certain parts of the image and highlight the colors to make them more vivid and dramatic.

5. Remove the Mess

Finally, when learning how to edit photos, a clean image is always a winner. Lots of photos end up being ruined by unsightly blemishes, reflections, blurs, and dirt.

These can easily be scrubbed out with a range of common photo editing tools. Try the healing brush tools to scrub out different kinds of blemishes.

You can also use cloning stamps to reproduce patches of your image over any unseemly marks.

Get Started Today

Now that you know how to edit photos like a professional, it's time to get started. Before you can edit your photos online, you need to ensure you're using a browser that supports your editing software. Make sure to consult our handy browser guides to guarantee seamless photo editing, whatever tools you use.

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