10 Games You Need to Add to Your Game Room Now

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jan 09, 2020 04:10 PM EST
10 Games You Need to Add to Your Game Room Now
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Video games may have gotten their start in the late 1950s but regular, non-virtual games have been around for thousands of years.

Whether you're a fan of ping-pong or Mario Bros., chances are, you enjoy taking a break from your life to game now and then. Some of you may even enjoy games so much that you're thinking of building your very own game room.

Therein lies the purpose of this post!

Picking the right game room games can make or break how popular the gaming zone in your house is. Below, our team shares ten must-have games that you should put at the top of your buy list to make your room a hit.

1. Foosball

With soccer being the most popular sport in the world, it's clear why Foosball has become such a hit in arcades. The game is simple to pick up, it allows for two or more players and there's simply something exciting about listening to wooden balls bounce off of the feet of goalies.

Foosball tables come in full-sized wood iterations and smaller-scale plastic builds.

2. Ping-Pong

While there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to ping-pong, there's no doubt that it's a fun game room game addition. What's great about this gaming choice is that it can be played solo or with up to four players.

Ping-pong tables can get pricey but the cost is worth it if your family has the patience to get good at the game.

3. Arcade Basketball

We rarely see arcade basketball in home game rooms these days. That's unfortunate because arcade basketball is simple, cheap and has a way of adding an aura of awesomeness to your game selection.

We recommend getting arcade basketball set-ups that feature two-lanes so multiplayer gaming is a possibility. After all, what fun is a game if you can't play with your friends.

4. Darts

Darts are a fixture in most bars. And you know what? If it's good enough for bars, it's good enough for your game room!

There's something special about getting to throw sharp darts into a board. The experience is almost cathartic.

Install a dartboard or two in your game room and believe us when we say that it'll end up being among your guest's favorite activities.

5. Poker

Do you have friends that like gambling? If you do and you're going to put one casino-style game in your game room, make it poker.

Poker, or more specifically, Texas Hold Em', is a game that exercises one's composure, strategic thinking skills and even one's ability to act. The game is easy learn, you can easily check out the poker chip basics online.

With that multi-dimensional play, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more robust game to include on your game room games list.

6. Pool

No game room games list is complete without mentioning pool.

Sure, pool tables can be pricey. Despite that, it's almost a requirement that you include billiards in your game room if you want it to impress your guests.

If you'd like to take your pool table's look to the next level, consider hanging an overhead ceiling lamp above it as you'd see at a pool hall.

7. Air Hockey

Kids and adults can spend hours at an air hockey table slamming pucks into one another's goals. Given how easy air hockey is to pick up, we always love seeing this fixture in game rooms as it allows people of all ages to enjoy the fun and even win!

There are affordable air hockey tables that you can purchase online, although, these tend to come with very light pucks and soft air pressure. If your game room is going to be around for a while, we recommend spending the extra money to purchase a more robust air hockey set that'll stand up better to years of gaming.

8. Retro Consoles

Video games are always at home in game rooms. While you could buy the latest and greatest consoles for your space, retro consoles tend to have more charm, boast easier titles and will make older guests feel more inclined to play.

As far as retro consoles go, Super Nintendo is always a hit. You can even throw an Atari in if you can get your hands on an original console or a convincing emulator.

9. A Healthy Board Game Collection

Game rooms that don't have titles like Monopoly, Parcheesi, Cards Against Humanity and other table-top favorites around are missing out!

Buy a shelf and stock it with all of today's (and yesterday's) hottest games and you'll see just how much use they get when your visitors get tired of throwing darts or tossing basketballs.

10. A VR Experience

VR is the hot new ticket when it comes to gaming. While the best VR experiences require expensive computers to operate, new devices like the Oculus Quest provide impressive VR without the need for cables or external power sources.

If you want to use a gaming computer to power a cutting-edge VR experience, you may want to check out a High Ground Gaming room setup guide or get another resource's professional advice on how to arrange everything.

Pick up the Best Best Home Game Room Games and Start Playing

Picking out great game room games for your gaming space can be a stressful process given the options and expenses involved. Our advice is to go with your gut when it comes to making selections and start small if you have to.

Remember, gaming is about having fun. If you find yourself getting stressed out, take a breather and focus your energy on enjoying the games you already have access to.

If you need additional advice when constructing your game room or exploring game possibilities, feel free to browse more content on those subjects within our blog!

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