How Instagram Influencers Have Changed Marketing

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jan 10, 2020 02:55 PM EST
How Instagram Influencers Have Changed Marketing
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Instagram is one of the world's most visited social media sites, with millions of active users liking, sharing, and finding content on a daily basis. It seems to be all the rage these days, and businesses have caught onto just how lucrative the platform is for marketing to new and old customers alike. 

Instagram influencers are users who have a large following and are offered money by companies looking to spread the word about their brand. With the potential to reach millions of people through a trusted source of information, companies have seriously upped their marketing game in the last few years. 

Even TikTok exists, there are users who prefer Instagram to share their memories and journey to the world. Despite using the latest social media platforms, these users are still going back to Instagram. According to FanZappy,' Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that can help market your brand and run a business. About 60% of the world's top brands are using Instagram for marketing. In the age of social media, numbers of followers and likes matter, especially if you are aiming to promote your brand.

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Instagram's Explosive Success 

Instagram was launched in 2010 and subsequently purchased by Facebook in 2012. The merging of these two social media powerhouses is likely the reason behind Instagram's enormous success. Now, even Facebook users didn't have an excuse not to join the social media site, because Facebook itself was the owner. The one billion dollar transaction ensured that the budding platform had all the resources behind it that Facebook had, launching it to stardom quicker than anyone had expected. 

The Instagram platform itself is quite simple. Pictures or videos are uploaded, with a like button (in the shape of a heart) and a comment section. The simplicity of the platform is preferred among its users, and makes for a much more streamlined social media experience. This makes it easy to reach new people, keep them engaged, and, of course, advertise. 

The Race for Followers 

What sets successful brands apart from the rest is their ability to reach new customers and keep current customers loyal. What better way to market your products than to go where the customers are? Instagram makes it easy to reach new people, and the more followers your page has, the better. If you find your page struggling, there are other options like hiring an influencer to push your content or even buying Instagram followers, as mentioned on the buy Instagram followers Reddit page. 

Followers are essentially the currency of Instagram, and influencers have plenty of them to spare. The best part about marketing through an influencer is that their followers already trust their opinion, and thus, are much more likely to make a purchase based on their opinion than on a simple ad. People will take the word of someone they trust over a random advertisement any day, and Instagram provides the perfect bridge for the gap between advertising and a human connection. 

After decades of faulty advertising that feels impersonal at best, companies are now waking up to the realization that people want a connection with their brands more than ever. An emotional connection with your customers can not only foster loyalty to your brand, but also a genuine trust in your products and the company itself. If your customers trust you, they're going to spread the word; doubling or even tripling your reach. 

Reaching the Right Audience 

When it comes to marketing, reaching the right people is just as if not more important than having a great product. You can have the most amazing products in the world, but if you're not marketing to the people who would want to buy them, you're not going to make any sales. With an Instagram influencer, reaching the right audience is easier than ever before. There are Instagram accounts for just about every niche and interest, from beauty to men or women's health to geek fandoms and so on. Anyone you could ever hope to reach is likely connected somehow to an influencer. 

According to ViralRace, with a more focused approach to your marketing efforts, you'll find that your brand's reputation also increases. When you've got high-profile influencers standing behind your products and advocating for them, you're proving to the public that you've got something unique and worth their time and money. 

Big Names in the Business World Use Instagram 

If anything shows you just how effective Instagram is at marketing, it should be the use of the platform by some of the biggest names in business. Organizations like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and more, use Instagram to advertise their products and keep them in the spotlight. If you're an Instagram user, you've probably seen an influencer somewhere sporting an Apple Watch or reviewing a new pair of Nike shoes. This is no mere coincidence! 

Choosing the Right Influencer 

Choosing the right influencer for your brand involves a lot more than just locating one with the right target audience. Since your influencer will essentially become a billboard for your brand, you'll want them to align with your company values as well as genuinely enjoy your products. People can tell when someone isn't actually enjoying a product and is just plugging it for money! 

The best path to your customers is by honesty, so find an influencer that already loves or will grow to love your products to work with. It's a good idea to stay within your niche, but branching out is sometimes a great way to attract new customers and drive sales. You may find that you have a new demand for products when you try something outside the box! 

The Bottom Line 

While Instagram will continue to change over the next few years, its influence in the marketing world is likely to stick around for the duration of its lifetime. With millions of monthly users, a media giant like Facebook at the helm, and endless possibilities for both influencers and brands alike, Instagram has truly changed the way companies think about marketing their products and attracting new customers. 

Whether you're a small business or a growing empire, you'll want to consider using an Instagram influencer to spread the word about your products and brand. Remember that a connection is important to relate with customers, and the perfect bridge for that connection is an influencer they know and trust already. Think of it this way: if you were offered a product by a trusted friend or saw the same product on a billboard, which one do you think you would trust? Go where the customers are and appeal to them via their favorite influencer! 

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