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Timothy Sykes
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One of the most profitable ways to make money from the stock market, while being free to work remotely,  is by trading penny stocks. Penny stock trading gives you the opportunity to trade on your own schedule. However, a lot of individuals keen on venturing into this platform are discouraged by a lot of negative news in circulation pertaining to how the penny stock market is a dicey venture and how many newbies would have their accounts wiped out in a short period of time.

Against all odds, Timothy Sykes have defied these negative stories not just in words but also actions. Over the past two decades, he has established a solid penny stock trading business. He started off as a teenager back then in Tulane University, built over a million dollar fortune from $12,000 in Bar Mitzvah money, created a dynamic and successful trading hub, featured on notable reality TV shows, and even wrote a book. Tim is an embodiment of success. His net worth currently stands at $15 million - both in trading and educational content. Sad to say, Tim's critics can't seem to wrap their heads around how successful he became just trading penny stocks several times without leverage. Hence, this has led to unfounded stories purporting Tim Sykes to be a scam. Besides, most individuals are prone to assume what they do not know or comprehend - so it isn't any different for Tim.

Tim became a trading legend after turning $12,000 to $1.65 million within a short period of time. In 2008, he re-enacted the same feat and then went on to teach people his trade secrets. It was reported by CNN that one of Tim's Students went ahead to make more than a million dollars from $1,500 under 3 years. A lot of individuals find these true life stories mind-boggling as they have on the contrary encountered bitter trading experiences. So what is the secret to Tim Sykes's success? It will surprise you to know that Tim Sykes does not invest in penny stocks - rather, he trades them. What is the difference? You may ask... Investing in penny stocks would definitely lead to losses as their values are based campaign hypes. On the other hand, trading penny stocks is likely to guarantee you success, as you are able to ride on the stock temporary momentum. We will further analyse this study.

The Division of Economic Risk Analysis - DERA - generated a report in 2016 which suggested that on average, negative returns are generated when one invests in penny stocks. The average annual return on penny stocks samples amounting to 10,000, rallied between -27% and -37% between 2001 and 2010. Based on these statistics, penny stocks are considered being worthless, even on Wall Street. The challenge is that most traders do not know the difference between penny stocks trading and penny stocks investment - not until they join Tim Sykes's mentorship program. However, having joined Profit.ly and spent much time reading Tim's books and watching his videos, many of his students have come to the understanding that penny stock trading entails shorting penny stocks for short-term profits. The focal point here is the trading price. On the contrary, investing requires holding on to an asset for long term gains based on the belief that it has the potential to increase in value.

Penny stocks are mostly generated from small-scale businesses that have no strong backing. One important tip to take home is this: Do not get attached to a stock. This implies that you should not hold on to your trading position for too long. For Tim, the maximum time he spends holding a position in the penny stock market is 2 minutes.

Clearing The Air About Tim Sykes's Trading Scam Stories

There are three programs on Profitly that are available to new and existing traders. These programs have been carefully structured to provide a trader all that is needed to succeed trading the stock market. Traders meet and interact on Profitly. This educational hub offers nothing but the best in terms of learning. The programs available include:

  • Tim's Alert

  • PennyStocking Silver

  • Millionaire Challenge

Tim's Alert

This is the third tier level of membership. Traders on this program level have access to daily stock watchlist, chatroom, realtime SMS , email, real time ProviDing Trade Alerts, and Push Alerts. These features can be accessed via Android, iOS, and web. The Tim's Alert has a price plan of $74.95 per month and a 24% discount on an annual subscription.

PennyStocking Silver

The PennyStocking Silver is the second tier membership program offered by Tim Sykes. With this program, you get value for your money and is ideal for traders who seek in-depth understanding on the underlying factors and psychology behind the stock market. This way you see through the eyes of Tim Sykes - how he thinks of a particular stock, why some trading decisions are being taken, and other trading factors. PennyStocking Silver provides you all the features embedded in Tim's Alerts and many more, such as over 6000 video lesson library and weely video lessons. It has a price plan of $149.95 per month. However, you can 28% in discount when you subscribe to the annual plan.

Tim's Millionaire Challenge

This is the first tier membership program that is available only to a selected set of individuals. This program requires that one goes through an application and interview process, before becoming a member. This is spot-on for traders who are serious about advancing to greater heights in their trading careers. Several students on this program have successfully crossed the one million thresholds, with some even exceeding Tim's accumulated trading profit over the years. Tim's Challenge gives you the training required to trade like Tim or even become better. You have access to live webinars, 60 video introductory course, commentaries and watchlists. This program allows you to monitor your trading performance and that of others.

The Tim Sykes's trading programs are the real deal for anyone who is serious about making a career trading. His trading techniques are so unique and tailored to help you trade penny stocks and other kinds of stocks profitably. If you wish to know more about how to join any of these insightful programs, please visit this link: https://newsblaze.com/

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