On-the-Go Gaming Tips

By Staff Reporter , Updated Apr 06, 2020 09:35 AM EDT
On-the-Go Gaming Tips
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Is work sending you away? Or maybe you're taking a break. Don't worry about leaving gaming behind. On-the-go gaming is totally do-able for those with places to go. 

Powered Up 

Consider how long you'll be in transit. Check that you have all the compatible chargers for your trip before you leave. It's also sensible to plug into a power outlet where possible. You never know how long it might be until the next charge.  

You can splurge and invest in a portable power source or power bank that can be used to charge your mobile, laptop, and other USB compatible devices. The challenge here is that as the power and charge capacity increase, so does the cost and the weight.  

When heading home, be sure to check that you packed your charging cables. These are often left behind. 

Passenger Play

Downtime, as a passenger, offers an ideal time for gaming. You don't have to focus on the road and, though you're not in the driving seat, it's important to stay aware of your surroundings. Remain present and be aware of safety announcements on an airplane or bus. 

When traveling with a bigger group, consider a carefree charter. Click to visit a site and find out how you and your fellow gamers can enjoy this travel option. 

Volume Control 

You're likely to be sharing the car, airplane, bus, or train with fellow passengers. While you may want the game's audio turned all the way up, consider that not everyone around you appreciates gaming. Pack your headphones so you can enjoy your experience in shared spaces. 

Consider your mode of travel to decide which headphones work best. It's important to have a travel-friendly version, compatible with all your devices. Don't forget the travel case or cover for your headphones, and keep them protected. 


Wi-Fi is readily available in most airports nowadays, and some cities offer it on the streets. If that's not the case, consider a local data sim card when traveling abroad. This will be the cheapest way to stay connected.  

Remember to switch off your data roaming from home, or you may be presented with a nasty surprise. Alternatively, invest in a pocket Wi-Fi device. Added-value of a pocket device is that it can often be shared between people, which will lower the costs. 

Some games require constant connectivity and may not make ideal travel companions. Some can be downloaded before you travel. If all else fails, consider which games will not require connectivity and start with those while not connected. 

Down Time

Not able to indulge in gaming at all while traveling? Get up to speed with the latest tips and tricks by reading a book on gaming or enjoy a gaming novel with a gamer's dream of narratives, plots, background information, and history. 

And don't forget to appreciate the trip too. Use gaming to kill time while in transit, but don't allow it to consume the trip. Enjoy the changes in scenery too!

If you really can't stay away from your gaming while you're away, be sure to keep our tips in mind to stay connected and advance through those levels!

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