How to fix iOS System Problems Like iPhone Stuck on Apple logo, iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop, iPhone Errors?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 13, 2020 09:20 AM EDT
How to fix iOS system problems like iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck in boot loop, iPhone errors?
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There are plenty of errors that may happen if you are an iPhone user. Your phone may show black screen, be stuck on restore screen, or read error 4013. Luckily, all of those problems are easy to solve at home. If you have a clear course of action, you will identify the issue and deal with it effectively. This article will look at the most common phone errors so that you could determine what is happening. Also, we will look at the most efficient ways to solve issues like phone stuck on Apple logo or in a boot loop.

Common iPhone Errors

Usually, device issues fall into certain categories. They may concern hardware and software. Luckily, nearly all problems are well-researched, which means they are easy to fix and to identify. Here are some of them:

  • Error 4013. If your phone shows iPhone error 4013, that means your device is unable to update or restore. This error roots in internal software errors, lack of iTunes or Mac OS updates.

  • Device stuck on Apple logo. This issue appears when you restore iPhone or download data from previous device. The progress bar doesn't move for hour or more, so it's impossible to use phone. This condition results from restore error and is easy to fix.

  • iPhone error 14. This error occurs when you upgrade your iOS using iTunes. There may be many reasons for this issue, so it's best to check with help of special applications. 

  • Black screen. This condition means that there's serious hardware or software error. You can't use your phone until you hard restart the device or repair the display.

  • iPhone won't turn on. Reasons may vary from low battery to serious problems with iOS, cable, or hardware.

5 Working Ways to Fix Your iPhone

There are plenty of ways to fix problems listed above. In this list, there are best, proven, and most popular solutions for your iOS problems.

Dr.Fone System Repair for iOS

This application is perfect for solving all issues that can happen with device. It helps with boot loop, white Apple logo, frozen screen, iPhone stuck in DFU mode, and black screen. This app is safe, as it saves all of your data before making any changes in software. It performs iOS system repair for 10 minutes with three easy steps. The program Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) determines which problems do you have and finds quick and efficient solutions. It is perfect for people who don't want to experiment and lose their data or cause accidental harm to their iPhone.

USB Check

Sometimes, the device fails to start, restore, or upgrade because of faulty USB equipment. Check your cable and try a different one. Sometimes it helps because a bad cable won't transfer data between phone and computer. Still, there might be problems in USB ports on your iPhone or computer. Carefully check them for any obstructions and if needed, address the specialist.

Restart System

This easy method might help you in such situations as iPhone stuck on restore screen or apple logo, as well as black screen or iPhone error 4013. This is a simple way, but it's not always effective. A restart is not enough if phone has serious software errors. In this case, you may fix system only by using special apps. Plus, if you restart phone, you can lose important data. If you back up or migrate your old phone to a new device, be careful with your messenger as well as contact data.

Check Updates

Installing newest version of operating system on your PC or Mac can be useful if you have 4013 error. Often, lack of updates makes iPhone stuck on Apple logo, which may be annoying. The problem might be in a system which needs software updates so it could synchronize with your phone. If your screen writes error, disconnect the device, upgrade your computer, and try again.

DFU Restore the Phone

This method will help you fix iOS system, but it has disadvantages. It erases all the software and hardware settings on your phone. To perform DFU, you need to plug your device into computer, open iTunes or Finder, and perform a combination of button presses. Remember that this method will delete all of your data such as phone numbers, personal messages, camera roll, passwords, and other info. If you want to keep them, use other options.

Overall, iPhone has certain issues when you try restoring or updating it. Sometimes, they occur because iTunes or computer operating system has older version. Errors may also result from accidental system crashes that are easy to fix by restarting phone. Still, there are cases where it's best not to perform anything, because it may do more harm. One of such cases is iPhone black screen, which may be caused by hardware as well as software reasons. Such methods as DFU reboot are effective but will erase data. Using apps like Dr.Fone is a safer, easier fix to iPhone issues. 

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