Why Website Development Knowledge Is Not Essential Anymore For Having a Website

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 24, 2020 10:58 AM EDT

About 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout or content are unattractive. To avoid missing out on this vast online audience, businesses have always sought professional web design and development services. 

Today, however, you can build your own website even if you do not have website development knowledge. Read on to learn more about website builders and how they can help you create a website.

Why Website Development Knowledge Is Not Essential Anymore For Having a Website

What Are Website Builders?

A website builder is a program or tool that allows you to create a website online through a quick and easy process. 

Website builders are designed to do the heavy lifting for you, effectively eliminating the manual code editing that was used in the past. The tools are available in both online and offline formats so you can choose the one that meets your specific business goals.

In addition to having a professional website, you must ensure there is high uptime, prioritize website security, and excellent site performance. 

Luckily, website builders often take website hosting out of the equation by offering the tool together with a place to hold your website

You need to find a company that meets all of your business's needs, as it will go a long way when it comes to getting traffic and generating conversions.

How They Help Create Websites

Using a website builder allows you to put your site together in a few simple steps. Although some programmers still build websites using codes, more people are turning to programs that help them achieve great results with little effort and without the need to study how to code. Here are the steps to follow.

Choose the Perfect Design and Theme

The software allows you to choose the perfect web design and theme to suit your needs. This ensures that the site has the look and feel that you want. 

You will be able to change colors, change the layout, upload your logo, and customize the site in line with your brand image. By using the template, you will not have to put much thought into creating an attractive website.

Review and Personalize the Site

One of the advantages of website builders is that most of them come with built-in elements and content. Once you have come up with the site's design, you will easily add your own text and images. 

You will also need to add the required number of web pages and integrate it with social platforms and create forms. Lastly, you can review the website and make the changes you want to enhance the site.

Apart from enabling people without coding knowledge and skills to create website, these programs are also popular because they are affordable. There are different packages and versions that you can choose from, depending on the specific ones you can purchase. 

The tools also help to save you time by putting together a site without spending much time.

Why Website Development Knowledge Is Not Essential Anymore For Having a Website

Website Development Knowledge Is Not Essential to Create a Website

Website builders have made it possible for anyone with basic computer knowledge to create their own website. These programs have innovative features that make up for the lack of website development knowledge.

Here is what to know:

Ease of Use

Most of the website builders available on the market have a simple and user-friendly interface, which allows you to build a website easily regardless of whether or not you have website-building experience. 

Provided you exercise your creativity, you will be able to build a beautiful website within a relatively short time. The good news is that you can skip the learning curve and proceed to create a fully-functional website.

A Range of Templates

When it comes to building a website from scratch, you will have to choose the right design and structure. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, you may find it challenging to make sound decisions and may end up making lots of mistakes. 

Website builders provide pre-designed templates to make your work easier. With the wide range of templates available, you can choose the one that will represent your brand in a unique way.

Responsive Options

More and more people are using their hand-held devices to access the internet. This has made it necessary for businesses to ensure that their websites feature responsive design so as to provide a great user experience. 

Advanced website builders offer responsive templates, so you will not have to make your website mobile-friendly. This is a great feature for anyone without website development knowledge.

Why Website Development Knowledge Is Not Essential Anymore For Having a Website

Ability to Customize Your Website

Templates are designed to make the process of building a website quick and easy. However, you will have to make some adjustments to ensure that your site is unique and will help you stand apart from the competition. 

Creating a website that will ensure brand consistency, these programs provide customizable templates. This way, you can add icons, upload your own images, and change out colors.

Availability of Photographs and Graphics

When it comes to web design and development, photographs and graphics will help boost the site's visual appeal and attract the attention of your audience. 

Choosing the right images will help you add a storytelling component to your website to connect better with customers. The best website builders include royalty-free images, eliminating the need to hire a photographer or graphic designer.

Educational Resources

As much as most website builders are easy to use, you will want to know what other features are available and how to use them. 

Some of these programs offer tutorials so you can get more out of them and be able to use them even when creating a website for the first time.

Good Customer Support

A majority of the website builders offer round-the-clock support in case you run into difficulties when using them. This gives you the assurance that you have someone reliable to provide help when you need it.

Wrapping Up

Your website will be your first point of contact between you and your customers. It is important to ensure that the site gives customers a great first impression of your brand. 

Before choosing and using a website builder, you should familiarize yourself with the tools to help you pick the right one for your needs and make the most of its features.

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