What You Need to Make Money on Instagram and Build an Engaged Following

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 27, 2020 10:17 AM EDT

Anyone can start a business on Instagram. It is a minimal investment, fast training, remote work. There is only one problem: choosing the right idea of ​​how to make money on Instagram and how to buy Instagram followers (discover more on HowSociable), which will help achieve success. In this article, we share ideas about making money on Instagram.

What You Need to Make Money on Instagram and Build an Engaged Following

Instagram received special development in 2015, and in several years it has become a powerful platform not only for communication but also for making money. So now, Instagram is the most popular social network. Statistics show that about 60% of Instagram users check their feed at least once a day. The main audience is also quite wide: it is people from 18 to 29 years old. That is why the idea of ​​making money on Instagram is so popular.

Social network income can be generated in a variety of ways. You can make money using your Instagram account or by providing services for maintaining someone else's account. For many people, the most obvious way to make money is placing advertising posts on your profile. Of course, this is not the only way to profit from the popularity of the social network.

Trying to make money on Instagram, unfortunately, many novice entrepreneurs only cling to the idea, but quickly lose motivation, never starting to make money. It happens for a lot of various reasons: they want quick money and are not ready to wait, they do not have enough experience, expectations are exceeded. 

1. Learn the basics of SMM to promote your business on Instagram on your own. For this, there is special literature, courses, online schools.

2. If you want to develop your business account on Instagram, you need to take care of quality content: useful, interesting posts, good visual design, an attractive concept. It is not easy to create an Instagram product that will appeal to many users. However, if you feel the strength to do this, everything can work out. 

Please note that you can maintain not only a personal blog but also be the administrator of thematic publics - for example, publish funny videos, book reviews, show business news, news articles from your city, etc. Just do not forget about copyright: while using someone else's material, indicate its author.

3. Be prepared for the fact that you won't be able to make money on Instagram right away. In most cases, an investment on Instagram pays off over time. You are unlikely to get a momentary profit here. Work on Instagram requires your constant participation. 

The competition is already quite strong and continues to grow because Instagram is continually evolving. Your business on Instagram is not the easiest one, but it can generate significant income if properly organized.

Instagram today is an actively developing platform. To make money in this area, you should know all the trends.

Ideas for making money on Instagram in 2020

1. AR-masks 

Masks blew up Instagram in 2019. The pioneers did a good job on this: bloggers built up their audience, and the creators of masks made money: some only on design, others also on training. You can find many courses and training videos on the Internet that offer to teach any user to work in a specialized program for creating Instagram AR masks.

In 2020, Instagram masks are still relevant, but the vector will change. An important function of masks is to promote a brand or product. Using a mask, you can announce a new product, grab subscribers' attention, and launch a wave of user-generated content. It becomes possible to build in games, gamification, and competitive mechanics into such masks.

2. Instagrammable design

Every year on Instagram, the requirements for the external design of accounts are increasing. Nowadays, the audience is more and more attracted to instagrammable things - interior design of public places is becoming more instagrammable and photogenic. A completely new category of projects that are created specifically for this social network is emerging. For designers, it is an excellent opportunity to express themselves in a new direction.

Another option for how to make money on Instagram is the design of an Instagram account itself. This includes visual concept, strategy, branding, creative content, color scheme, and photo stylization that reflect its essence. 

For at least 5 years, Instagram for business has been a powerful advertising platform. Correct positioning of an Instagram account allows you to promote in the market and attract an audience. Therefore, the service is becoming more and more in demand.

The idea will be a great fit for photographers, stylists, interior designers, PR, and advertising workers, and PR. You also have an option to deal with orders as a freelancer or open your own creative agency by bringing together employees with different specializations.

3. Photo shootings 

Requirements for content quality on Instagram are growing, which forces bloggers turning to specialists: photographers, copywriters, stylists, etc. An Instagram photo shooting allows the customer to solve a large number of issues: the creation of a concept and visual style, selection of images for shooting, professional photographs and processing, photo support of the account, and so on. The service is requested not only by business accounts but also by bloggers with personal accounts.

4. Instagram videos

In recent years, Instagram videos are one of the most relevant main trends. The audience of Stories and IGTV is growing. A lot of Instagram users admit that they have stopped reading the feed and now only watch the Instagram Stories.

So here is one more idea for making money: creating Instagram videos for bloggers. A lot of bloggers sell their information products: webinars, courses, video tutorials, etc. The services of an operator, editor, screenwriter are in demand. This includes more than just generating content per account. In serious projects, specialists are attracted to help organize and conduct high-quality filming, write a script, and edit a video. So you have a lot of opportunities to make money on Instagram videos.

5. Sponsored publications

Perhaps, this is the easiest and most common way to make money on Instagram. The only important condition is that you should have enough followers to earn from advertising posts. Usually, a ticket to this "source" starts with 10 thousand followers; however, you can earn on advertising even with a smaller audience - only the income will be more modest. The main thing is that your entire audience should be real and not artificially inflated by cheating.

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