Captivating Video Games for Couples

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Dec 21, 2020 10:34 AM EST
Captivating Video Games for Couples
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Everybody loves video games. They're fun, exciting, and a great way to deal with stress. Studies showed that couples who play video games together have better relationships than couples who don't play games together or at all. That's because people bond while playing video games together. So if you and your partner are both into video games - start playing them together. It will make your relationship much better. Now, let's see some facts about games and three captivating video games for couples.

Why Do We Love Playing Video Games?

People love video games because of numerous reasons. We'll list some of them:

  • After the hard day at work, cracking a cold one and playing video games comes as therapy great for relaxation. We forget about all of our problems, and stress leaves our bodies while playing games.

  • great for socialization - video games are great for socialization. We play them with friends or online with people we'll never see face to face, but we hang out in the gaming world.

  • they're exciting - the adrenaline rush we feel while playing video games can't be matched with many other things. And we're not in any real danger while jumping off cliffs or shooting other people in video games. They give us the best of both worlds.

  • games give us the feeling of progress - humans love progress, and game developers know that. We love levelling up on the games because it gives us a feeling of progress.

  • we get to explore different worlds - by playing video games, we explore different worlds, which is always a fun thing to do.

Is it a Good Idea to Play Video Games on a Date?

For some people playing video games on a date might seem childish or inappropriate. Those are people who don't play video games at all. Would you want to do somebody like that? If you're a video game fan, your answer is no, 100%.

Of course, it's a good idea to play video games on a date if both of you are game lovers. You can even do it on the first date. That will make it easier to communicate, and conversation will flow without awkward silences. You'll also get to see how skilled your partner is in that game. More importantly, you'll get an insight into their personality. If your date loses their mind because they're losing in the game - they might be like that in other areas of life, too. Choose the game carefully and keep your eyes open all the time. With so many games to choose, meetmilfy has suggested this list of video games that you can play as a couple on your first meeting.

3 Simple Video Games for Your Date

You don't want to play some complicated game on your first date. That would move the focus from the two of you to the game. You want to meet each other first, which will happen more easily over some simple but fun video game. We present to you 3 of those below.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a world-famous video game that combines dancing, competition, and fun. It's a great choice for a date because it's fairly simple. All you have to do is dance. To some of us, that seems like a nightmare, but since you're on a date and not on a professional competition - you can relax and enjoy. Even if you don't know how to dance, your willingness to exit your comfort zone will attract your partner. Give them credit for their dancing if they dance well. Or cheer for them if they have a hard time relaxing. Use that simple and fun game to show you're supportive and easy to hang out with.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a 3-year-old game for Nintendo. You've surely played some version of Mario Kart before, so you know how fun and exciting it is. Yes, some tracks are harder than others, but you can adjust difficulty according to your and your partner's skills. We'd suggest sticking to easier tracks to prevent any tantrums. That will make sure you'll have a lot of laughs and time to talk to each other.

Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is the 23rd Need for Speed game. It's not the best in the series, but it's still a lot of fun. The downside is - there is no split-screen mode. That means you won't be able to race against your partner on a date. But you can race against other players online. Switch after every race, and both of you'll have fun. While one plays, the other can enjoy watching their skills. If you decide to play offline, then you can be more relaxed and chat while driving around.

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