5 Top Games for College Students

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Dec 21, 2020 11:09 AM EST
5 Top Games for College Students
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While all games have recreational purposes, some games have additional values that aid students even in college. Although it is advisable not to overindulge in playing games, it is a well-known fact that playing games improve memory, attention, and reaction time. Gaming provides a wonderful reprieve that helps students lower stress while also honing their cognitive skills.

If you were a hardcore gamer before college, it might be challenging to quit gaming cold turkey. So, if you seek a leisure activity to occupy your free time in your dormitories, playing games can help satisfy your needs for the free time you have. Extrapolating from the above facts, students also need help with their essays and research write-ups. You can get all the help you need and free up some more time to reduce stress and enjoy gaming. 

Therefore, students will be able to engage in more extracurricular activities, play games, and have fun. If you'd like to spend more time relaxing and gaming just buy essay online and enjoy your free time. Below are the top 5 games that college students play.

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

This is a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena game. In this MOBA experience game, you get to team up with friends, lock in your champion, and participate in the big plays. Some of the fantastic features are; 

  • Play to outplay when you master the rift and acquire your legend with changing stats and dynamic champs. In each game, you try to get the perfect kill shot and improve your score in crazy team fights.

  • Battle with friends and be a team player to achieve your goal in this mobile MOBA. You could be a duo, trio, etc. up to a five-stack. You get to ascend the rungs with your team, one enemy Nexus after another.

  • Select your champion and utilize different extraordinary powers. You can freeze enemies with an ice arrow, use a giant sword to dunk the competition, or lure enemies to their destruction with a mesmerizing charm.

2. The Witness

This game is a puzzle game in the first person. The player wakes up on an island alone and with no memories. The island has eleven separate regions around a mountain that is the goal of the player. Each puzzle in a particular region is similar to each other, and each region has differing features like changes in vegetation.

When you complete a region and the puzzles, the boxes housing turrets will be activated, and light will be shone to the top of the mountain. In this game, your solving puzzle and discovering clues help you regain your memory and find your way home. This game is an open world with several locations to explore and 500+ puzzles to solve. There is no time wasting in this game, and the game gives you ideas and helps you think.

3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

This is an online video game that allows up to 100 players to participate in this player versus player game. This game allows a single-player, duo, or a squad having 3 or 4 players to participate. Weaponless players are airdropped from a "battle bus" that crosses the game map. 

Once on land, they begin scavenging for weapons, resources, items, and vehicles while staying alive. They defend themselves and attack other players as the landscape reduces in size due to toxic storms. Players caught up in the storm take damages and may even get eliminated if they do not escape on time. Players get to come across each other as space reduces and fights to the last individual or group. The remaining player, duo, or squad standing is the winner.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront II

This game is a first-person shooting game that can be played in multiplayer mode with your friends. The battle is fought across different maps and can be fought in space and on the ground.

There are the clone wars, the galactic civil war, and the war between the resistance and the first order all occurring across three eras in this game. All you need to do is select a player from the franchise, chose the skill set, build your strategy, and play on. 

5. Resident Evil

In this game, the player does a lot of exploring, running about, and solving mysteries. This game is popular and hardly needs an introduction because it is a classic. The player comes across and fights monsters; hence you get to have a lot of fun after being stressed with school.


In conclusion, studies have shown that students who play between 5 to 8 hours per week are more likely to have better grades than those who overindulge or abstain entirely. Also, games may enhance strategical and tactical skills when common sense is applied, and limitations are set for playing. You can help yourself by setting schedules and receive notifications to help balance work and play.

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