How to Access an Instagram Private Profile Content

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Apr 28, 2021 09:25 AM EDT
How to Access an Instagram Private Profile Content
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Social media today enables people to become more open, communicative, and creative. Insta is one of the most popular and trending social networks, with Stories, Live videos, colorful profiles, etc. In general, it has everything for those who are into visuals and creativity. But it also has its special features that not everyone likes. I'm talking about the possibility of creating private profiles. Of course, this is good for those who don't want to live in the public eye and choose their audience carefully. But it also creates difficulties for people who are interested in the profile. How can I browse private profile content and become an Instagram private profile viewer without causing harm to others? 

Let's look at the best ways to view private profiles and become a good Insta stalker.

Request sending

One of the most legitimate and first ways you should try is to send a request to a "hidden" account. Then you need to be patient and wait for the account to react. If your account appears suspicious or inappropriate for a private profile, the answer will be no. There's not much you can do about it, so it's up to you to use other browsing methods.

Google search

This method may not be as effective, but it is worth trying if the first one has yielded zero results. The point is that you need to copy a username of the account you are interested in on Insta (although it is private - the name is always available) and insert it then into a browser's search line. This user can have public accounts on other networks so that you may spy on him/her there. Of course, this method may not always be successful either, but at least it's legitimate.

Fake accounts

We don't consider this way as the most honest one, but it's still effective, even though IG bans the creation of fake accounts and is increasingly tightening its policy on them. The thing is that fake accounts have a negative side: many hackers create fake accounts to harm the user and especially their content and data. But I hope you are a decent Instagram private profile viewer and only want to view the content of a "secret" user because of your trivial interest.

Follow these tips to keep your fake account from looking suspicious: 

  • use a decent profile picture;

  • post good photos and create posts that will make an overall picture of a "logical" profile;

  • don't post pictures or create texts under posts with strange content or those that may give away the falsity of your profile;

  • design and maintain your profile so that the user is interested in you and accepts your request.

Instagram private profile viewer services usage

The use of external online tools is another way of viewing "hidden" profiles. Today, the most commonly used ones are those that do not need to be downloaded. The idea is that you enter a necessary username, and a viewer shows you a private profile's content - examples of such tools: Instalooker, IGLookup, PrivateInsta, Private Photo Viewer, etc.

Search by hashtags

This method is successful if you want to access the posts of a public account that has restricted access for you, and you know the user and his or her content theme on IG. All you need to do is find the "magnifying glass" on Insta and select the "Tags" icon, enter a particular hashtag the user is supposedly using and look at the posts that include this hashtag. Maybe among these posts will be the one you were looking for 

Last thoughts

Finally, I would like to give you some advice: don't escalate spying on Instagram to the level of persecution, respect users' rights and freedoms, and don't make spying and taking an interest in another user's life your main goal.

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