How To Use 'Clubhouse' For Your Business Advantage

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 28, 2021 06:29 AM EDT
"Clubhouse" can be a potential platform for those who can increase their reach for their business
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Clubhouse, an invitation-only voice chat social networking platform, is drawing almost anyone from celebrities to huge businesses to cryptocurrency experts to Social Media content creators. The users of the social media app can engage with audio-only activities that are exclusive on the said app.

Users can create interactive rooms, where it can allow multiple users to participate in a discussion, or one that is dedicated for presentations or panels.

Despite currently being in a beta stage and an invite-only social media app, Clubhouse maintained its versatility that could be helpful in your business, especially in terms of marketing your product.

In an article made by, Clubhouse can be used as a tool to increase organic business growth. One's business profile can have its reach grow exponentially once the app will be opened to the general public.

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Until that time will come, you must grab the opportunity of its invite-only feature to slowly build your business' reach there.

According to the same article, you can use three ways on how Clubhouse can be your advantage - (1) Networking, through hearing and knowing what are the trends and perspectives from industry leaders who are using this app, (2) Becoming an industry authority, where you can put a content related to your industry in Clubhouse to gain traction and (3) Initializing virtual events, especially now that we are still under the Covid-19 pandemic.

In terms of networking, a separate article gives you tips on how to do it within the app. First, you must Listen to the conversation that involves around the industry you are in. Attend to a conversation or an event that involves an industry speaker so that you get ideas that you can use in the future.

Second, you can ask to be on the stage. Participate by being one of the speakers if you want something to add. Third, you can be a co-host, especially if you want to expand your outreach towards the audience.

Fourth, once you have enough knowledge and experience, you can share it to your audience by being a featured speaker. Lastly, you are able to venture out and create your own events that fits well with your brand. You can personally invite those within your network.

You can also add your other Social Networking sites like Instagram to further increase your market reach. There are other users of Clubhouse who wants to connect the app with photo-and-video-sharing social media platform, and the former allows them to do that.

An article by had steps for this to happen: (1) Tap your profile photo in the top-right corner of the app's home screen, (2) Tap the "Add Instagram" option, (3) Enter your login details for your Instagram account then tap the "Log In" button, and (4) Tap "Allow" to finish connecting your Instagram account to your Clubhouse app.

Apart from these tips, it is up to you to how you will utilize Clubhouse for your business. Despite being an invitation-only app, you can download it on Google Play for Android users (its Android version is still on Beta release), and in iOS for Apple users.

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