7 Must-Have Apps for Professional Gamers

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 07, 2021 07:47 PM EDT
7 Must-Have Apps for Professional Gamers
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Gaming has evolved into much more than a means of escaping from the routine of daily life. You can do it online, with friends, strangers, or even for financial gains. The personal, professional, economic, and recreational components of gaming have enabled players to get more out of their games, with a wider, more varied variety of applications and utilities accessible for gamers of all skill levels.

Whether it's a communication platform or essential tools for playing the game better, there's something for everyone. Additionally, all of the following applications are entirely free to use.


Unlike other voice chat applications for online gamers, this one does not need usernames, memberships, or technical expertise to use. You can perform all necessary tasks while logged in as a visitor.

The software is accessible through sites, a standalone desktop application, and a mobile application.

You can use an invitation link to invite people to a stream. You get a primary User interface and unlimited channel hosting for free.


This application extends beyond internet gaming and cloud libraries. Additionally, this is a platform for connecting with friends, sharing accomplishments, and playing together.

Within your home network, in-home streaming enables you to broadcast games from your primary PC to another device, such as a laptop.


This free game streaming application enables you to play local Cooperative video games online with your colleagues. You may use the app to Livestream video to your screen or play online with your friends and other Parsec users.

you can also use parsec to play multiplayer games that are not available to all members. Additionally, no one is required to have the game loaded on their computer to play it. As long as the host PC has the game installed and the game supports local multiplayer, any user using Parsec may join the session.

OBS Studio

It is an entirely free and simple-to-use application that enables you to record games. Apart from being free, it also works well and is simple to use for beginners.

It records your computer's screen, audio input, and output. It also captures any commentary you want to contribute via a microphone or a headset. You also capture what happens throughout the game. You can record and collect data from a variety of sources, such as mehndi designs.


Apart from its broadcasting capabilities, the Twitch desktop software includes helpful features such as game add-ons and overlays control through CurseForge integration. Twitch is also a central hub for managing mods for games such as Minecraft or Warcraft.

Cortex Razor

Razor Cortex saves system resources and RAM, allowing for more memory allocation to the game. Simultaneously, the system optimizer defragments your system, assisting in the optimization of applications and operations.

It's been optimized for use with all types of PCs, so whether you're running a standard configuration or a souped-up monster of a system, Game Booster has everything to offer. Whether you run your games through Steam, Origin, or another platform with high-quality Aesthetic wallpaper, Game Booster will automatically optimize your settings.

It's a brilliant piece of free software for your gaming PC, and it's perfect if you're seeking a quick boost in performance. Additionally, it's ideal if you're looking to make an older PC work a bit harder.

Afterburner MSI

This is the go-to software for anybody looking to access their graphics card's overclocking settings quickly. Additionally, the application includes scanning capabilities that may assist in system optimization. Additionally, this program features hardware temperature monitoring, configurable fan settings, and an overlay that enables you to monitor your system's performance while playing a game.

The program allows you to tweak the voltage settings of your selected piece of hardware, thus improving its overall performance.

MSI Afterburner excels in overclocking video memory and clock speed. However, tinkering with these settings may severely overheat your system. you have to make sure that your cooling unit is running at maximum capacity before you begin frying your GPU.

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