'Fallout 76' Season 6 Guide: Release Date, Server Maintenance + What Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 08, 2021 02:19 AM EDT
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It is time to don a cape, wear a mask, and be a superhero as Fallout 76 will release its Season 6, where players will team up with The Unstoppables in their latest action-packed adventure. The new season for the game will bring in new additions, including a new Scoreboard that they need to fill in to get rewards.

The said rewards, according to Destructoid, will include new allies, companions, decorations, outfits, and poses that are themed after classic radio and comic superheroes.

Be a Superhero

In Fallout 76's Season 6, players will be aid of The Unstoppables, consisting of The Inspector, Silver Shroud, Mistress of Mystery, Manta Man, and Grognak the Barbarian, in their efforts to foil the plans of The Diabolicals, consisting of SamurEye, Pyramind, and Catarax.

According to the blog post in the game's website, players can fill up all of the 100 ranks within the Scoreboard, which will grant them rewards. These rewards will range from consumable items to Caps to other items such as Legendary Core and Modules, weapon skins, and C.A.M.P. objects.

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The said Scoreboard will also give two new Allies to help them progress in the game in the form of Daphne and Maul. Daphne will sell them toys, snacks, and drinks in exchange for Caps during the day, and casts spells to buff their Perception during the night as The Inspector.

Maul, on the other hand, will bring the players various types of meat and meat-themed plans, as well as buffs that will improve their Strength and resistance while making the weapons they possess feel lighter in their hands.

In order to complete these ranks, they must complete Daily and Weekly Challenges, which will make them take down opponents or complete any task while donning a superhero costume or being a part of The Unstoppables.

Players who do not have a complete set of their superhero costume sets will have the opportunity to earn said items such as masks and outfits after completing a rank.

Season 6 will also allow its players to continue their journey well beyond the previous Rank 100 and above, which was first introduced in the game's Season 5. This means that players can continue earn rewards for every rank they hit in their Perk Card Packs and Legendary Crafting components after they surpass the Rank 100.

Speaking of Season 5, players will still have a chance to complete their Escape from the 42nd Century Scoreboard in order to claim the remaining unlocked rewards during their time with K.D. Inkwell. Once Season 5 is over, the unclaimed rewards in the said Scoreboard will no longer be available.

Release Date, Other Details

The Season 6 for Fallout76, according to Express, will be rolled out in the game this September 8th. The said launch for the new season will be unified, which means those who had the game in their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will receive the said season.

In preparation for the said launch and implement any possible changes and bug fixes coming from the Fallout Worlds Update, Bethesda Game Studios, the developers of the fame, will have a scheduled maintenance.

As of this writing, the developers did not post any further details regarding the possible maintenance, including how long this would take.

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