‘Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Ford F-100 Restoration Guide: How to Fix this Abandoned F-Series Truck

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 19, 2021 11:29 PM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from Alex K's "Restoration Ford F100 - Car Mechanic Simulator 2021")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players can restore and repair one of the 80 cars that are available in the game, 72 of them are already installed, and the remaining 8 are in its two downloadable content (DLC) car packs, using more than 4,000 car parts.

The cars, as well as the parts, can be bought with Credits, which they can earn by either completing Story Orders or selling their cars, while repairing and restoring them will earn them XP, which can be used to unlock new cars, as well as earning Skill Points that can be used to upgrade a player's abilities.

The real-life car mechanic simulator also gave them opportunity to restore and owe a car of their dreams, whether if it is a classic car or a modern one, or those that they usually see in other media, whether in a television show, movie, or another video game.

One of the said cars that they wanted to add in their collection is the Ford F-100, a classic truck that was part of Ford's F-Series, and it was produced between 1953 to 1956.

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How to Restore the Ford F-100

In order to restore the Ford F-100, they must purchase it first. According to Alex K's YouTube video, the truck can usually be found at the Junkyard, the Barn or the Car Auction. If they saw it in the junkyard, they would notice that the it was abandoned, and has a lot of missing parts.

Once they bought it, they can start washing it in the Car Wash to remove the dirt until what they see are rusty parts. They can also detail its interior.

Once it is done, they can move the car to the Car Lift in their garage. Once they have placed it in the Car Lift, they can now disassemble the parts for the truck, including its engine, bumper, body, wheels and its suspension, and windshield, until what is left is the body frame itself. Since all of the parts are rusty, they need a lot of WD-40 to remove them.

Afterwards, they will move the Wielding Machine to the car lift where the car is placed at, then click the Use Equipment to start the repairs for the body. After that, they can detail its interior again.

Once they finished restoring the body, they will go to the Engine Stand to build the truck's new engine. The Ford F-100 has a V8 1carb OHV engine, and can be swapped with a V8 SOHC FME engine, a V8 2carb OHV Supercharged engine, a V8 DOHC AXK engine, a V8 DOHC Supercharged engine, or a V12 DOHC MRC engine.

In the video, the player chose the V12 DOHC MRC engine. To build this, players must have its engine block, its pistons with rings, its crankshaft, its rod and crankshaft bearing caps, its power steering pump, its alternator, its flywheel, its clutch plate, its clutch pressure plate, its clutch release bearing, and its oil pan.

They would also need the oil and fuel filter, the engine heads A and B, the exhaust manifolds, the camshafts, the camshaft caps, the spark plugs, the engine head covers A and B, the ignition coils, the cam gears, the serpentine belt A, the timing shoes, the timing covers, the water pump, and the thermostart.

They would need to have its water pump pulleys, its crankshaft pulley, its idler rollers, its serpentine belt B, its belt tensioner, its intake manifold, its fuel rail, and its throttles.

After building it, players must mount the new engine to the car by using the Engine Pulley. After that, they will re-assemble the rest of the car, starting with the suspension, the engine's gearbox and starter, wheels, radiator, electronics, including its relays and fuses, interior, windshield, rear clamshell, doors, fenders, lights, bumpers, hood, ends. and doors with its window glass.

Once they have done reassembling the truck, they can customize its paint in the Paint Shop, then they will align both of its lights and wheels, as well as subject it in a dyno test and tune up the gears in its gearbox.

Once they done with the necessary tests, they can now test drive their very own Ford F-100.

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