'CS GO' Operation Riptide Update Guide: Gameplay, Map Changes, and Other Things Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 22, 2021 11:04 PM EDT
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Counter Strike: Global Offensive will receive big additions and changes as part of their "Operation Riptide" Update, including those that will affect its gameplay as a whole. A new matchmaking mode, along with new set of maps, awaits the players of the first-person shooting game.

Aside from that, a tweak from a classic map will be implemented once the said update rolls out, as well as changes in the game's weapons.


One of the additions that Valve, the developers of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, made for Operation Riptide is a new matchmaking mode. According to a post in the game's website, players can now play shorter matches aside from the longer classic one.

A typical Counter Strike: Global Offensive match has two teams of five players battling it out to either accomplish an objective, like detonate or defuse a C4 Explosive that was planter by a team, or kill every player in the opposite team in order to score a point.

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Before this addition, according to Kotaku, the said two teams will race to 16 points in order to win the map and the game, which will take a maximum of 30 rounds, 15 in each half, making it a longer game.

With the said update, a match can now have eight rounds per half, which means that teams must race to score 9 points to win. This will make matches in counter Strike: Global Offensive much shorter, which will last about 25 minutes.

Another gameplay addition that was made thanks to Operation Riptide is the implementation of the new "Free-for-all Deathmatch." This new addition to the Deathmatch game mode will make every player to not trust even their own teammates.

Aside from that, a "Team Versus Team" Deathmatch mode will be also added, where teams will race to score up to 100 points.

Operation Riptide will also introduce the Premiere Matchmaking mode. With the said mode, according to PC Gamer, players can now also set up a private match with a code that the participants use to access. Hosts of the matches in this mode can either let its participants enter as a team or let himself to sort them.

Operation Riptide will also bring in new five maps, all of which, according to Dot Esports, are community-created maps - Basalt, a Bomb Defusal map; Insertion II, a Hostage rescue map; Ravine and Extraction, two Wingman mode maps; and County, a Danger Zone map.

In terms of armaments, a riot shield will now be accessible for players, as it will be available as a heavy weapon for the Counter Terrorist (CT) side in several casual Hostage maps, while grenades can now be dropped in most game modes for other players to get and use.


Aside from the aforementioned additions, Operation Riptide will also bring in several changes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. One of the said changes is the one involving the Dust2 map.

According to the patch notes in their website, the Dust2 map will receive a slight visibility tweak from the Terrorist (T) spawn point to the mid area, as well as an improved visibility into the B back side from the upper tunnels.

Aside from Dust2, two more maps will have changes. The Inferno map will now have a gate at the top of banana solid, as well as its one player-versus-one player (1v1) layout will be revised, while the Ancient map will have an increase plantable area size in both areas, as well as a fixed bullet penetration on its plywood surfaces.

The Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, and Frostbite maps will no longer be available in Counter Strike:Global Offensive's official matchmaking.

For the weapons, the Desert Eagle pistol, according to Kotaku, will now inflict a bit less damage on body shots, but the M4A1 carbine rifle will have an increased damage on the same body shots.

For the game modes, Demolition's maximum number of rounds will be reduced to 10, as well its round time. It will not also have its half-time team swap. But, the game mode will have an adjusted weapon progression.

As for the Arms Race, it will also have an adjusted weapon progression and a health-shot after players kill three of their opponents.

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