'Terraria' 1.4 Console Update 'Journey's End' Guide: What Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 30, 2021 10:15 PM EDT
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In celebration of its tenth anniversary since its release in 2011, Terraria announced that they will receive its latest "Journey's End" update.

The highly-anticipated update, according to But Why Tho, will add new content to the 2D sandbox action-adventure game, including modes, bosses, enemies, as well as changes in its "quality of life."

According to Dual Shockers, fans are waiting for this update to roll out in consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as the PC version of the said update rolled out in 2020. However, the update for its Nintendo Switch edition is still in progress and will be released at a later date.

What's In-Store

In "Journey's End," a new Master Mode will be added as one of the game's difficulties that players can choose from. In this difficulty setting, according to GLyfe, the combat will be "more deadly" but in exchange, the risk-reward factor will also go up thanks to the special boss item drops.

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If the players want to have a more relaxed gameplay, the new Journey Mode is perfect for them. The said game mode will provide extra options for them to adjust base on their preference. They can tweak its item duplication and weather control, as well as its difficulty and enemy spawn rates.

The said update, according to IGC, will also bring in new bosses for players to fight against, such as the Empress of Light, who will test the player's "bullet hell" shoot-'em-up skills, and the imposing Queen Slime.

It also adds in the new Bestiary, providing the players ally creature that they can use to track critters, fellow allies, and enemies, while a golf mini-game is also included to give them time to chill after slaying monsters.

In terms of items, the update also provided Void Vaults, which transforms any inventory into an overflow vacuum once it combines with the Void BagThis inventory-based item will help players in case theirs is full, making the items that they picked up deposit to the said vault for safekeeping.

Aside from those additions, the update also added new events like the Lantern Nights and Meteor Showers for them to enjoy the night in the game, as well as new biomes like the Graveyards and the Oasis for them to explore.

A new NPC Happiness System will be also implemented, rewarding players such as pylons, which can be used to teleport themselves from one place to the other as long as it has the said pylon, after they treat the game's non-playable characters (NPCs) with "the respect they deserve."


Aside from the aforementioned in-game changes, the "Journey's End" update for Terraria will also bring in changes to the game.

According to the patch notes posted in The Nerd Stash, the Block Swap, one of the biggest changes in its "quality of life," will make players simply grab the blocks that they want to use to replace the existing ones, instead of tearing down any construction and rebuilding it with new materials.

Aside from the mentioned change above, "Journey's End" will also bring a rebalance to the game's enemies and items.

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