'Doom Eternal' Free 6.66 Update Guide: Horde Mode, Battlemode 2.0, and More Thing Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 25, 2021 09:50 AM EDT
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Id Software and Bethesda Softworks have announced that DOOM Eternal will receive its 6.66 Update, which can be downloaded for free, bringing in new additions to the first-person shooting game.

The said additions include the brand new Horde Mode, which was teased in a trailer video that was posted in the game's Twitter account, as well as the BATTLEMODE 2.0, which according to NME, will be an overhaul to the game's BATTLEMODE.

Welcome to the Horde

In the incoming Horde Mode in DOOM Eternal, according to Commentary Box Sports, players will be in an arena, and will be racing to score the highest number of points after facing, and defeating, a horde of monsters in a series of waves.

The scores earned, which will be shown at the leaderboard, will be multiplied depending on the multipliers, which was scattered around the said arena, that players need to pick up, as well as what kind of monsters they defeated.

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The said mode was the replacement to the Invasion Mode, a game mode where players will take control monsters instead of killing them, which according to PSLS, was first announced by the game developers to be scrapped due to several feedback from its players as well circumstances coming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the developers, the Horde Mode will offer players the diversity and challenge that they are looking for in DOOM Eternal.

The game mode, according to Morning Picker, is also perfect for hardcore players of the shooting game, especially those who want to "rip and tear" through demons after clearing its Campaign Mode.


Aside from the incoming Horde Mode, the said update for DOOM Eternal will also bring in the new BATTLEMODE 2.0, which according to the developers, will include a more competitive and ranked based structure.

In the said mode, players will select a side -- either two of the five playable monsters or a fully loaded Doom Slayer - and battle in a 2 players-versus-1 player (2v1) PvP match consisting of five rounds. At the end of a round, they must select an upgrade to improve their abilities.

If a Doom Slayer kills both of the monsters, the player who is controlling him will get the round. If either one of the monsters kill him, they would get the round. Monsters who are killed can be respawned with half of their health if their teammate remains alive for a long period of time.

After the said match, players will receive Event XP, which they can use to unlock event-specific cosmetics, as well as level up sets.

Both Id Software and Bethesda Softworks did not fully disclose the details the revamped BATTLEMODE, but they might be included in the patch notes for the 6.66 Update.

Aside from the said additions and tweaks, the said update for DOOM Eternal might also include a new arena, a new set of streak-based awards, and a new pair of Master levels.

Both the Horde Mode and the BATTLEMODE 2.0 is expected to be rolled out in DOOM Eternal, along with the 6.66 Update, this coming Tuesday, October 26th.

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