Twitter Spaces Will Allow Those That Do Not Have Account to Join: Here's How it Works

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 08, 2021 01:17 AM EST
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Twitter announced that they will allow anyone who do not have an account for the social networking site join in Spaces. Now, they can now listen to the speakers on the said feature via web by just a click of a direct link without logging in.

This additional feature was one of the ways Twitter did to expand their Spaces since its launch last November of 2020, as well as the to give them the edge over their rivals that has the same audio chat room feature, such as Clubhouse and Facebook's Live Audio Rooms.

How Does this Work

The said additional feature was first revealed in a Tweet. According to Pinkvilla, the said Tweet stated that Twitter users can now share direct links for their Spaces in the web for those who want to join and listen to the audio conversations, especially those who do not have a Twitter account.

This will lead to the said audio broadcast on Twitter to haver a wider range, as well as allowing more audiences, with or without any Twitter accounts, to listen to it.

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Aside for its web version, which was rolled out last May of this year, users can also share the direct links for their Spaces in their smartphones, especially for the social networking site's Android and iOS versions.

However, according to Endgadget, those who joined in the audio broadcast on Twitter that are not logged in their accounts or did not have a Twitter account will not participate as speakers in the said Spaces and they will stick only as the listeners in the conversation.

As mentioned earlier, the additional feature will not only widen Spaces' audience, but also to expand its usage, as well as to race against Clubhouse's popularity as a site for audio broadcasting.

Since its launch, Twitter have added several new features in order to make the experience using it more fun.

Last July, the social networking site allowed its users to compose Tweets directly from a Space room, which will link directly to the audio broadcast, as well as its accompanying hashtags.

They also introduced a tab dedicated for the feature on iOS and Android last October, though they stated that they are still testing the said tab for the latter. The said tab for the iOS will feature popular Spaces in the Explore tab in order to increase their visibility.

According to TechCrunch, they also gave its users the ability to record Spaces, which they can do before starting the broadcast.

Once it is ended, they can share the recorded Spaces across Twitter, which their listeners can access and play back whenever they want to, or they can re-share it to everyone.

They also allowed multiple languages in their Topics Tagging feature. With this addition, topics that are in Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, and Korean can now be tagged in their Space's topics aside from English, with even more language to roll out soon.

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