Call of Duty: Ghosts' Free Multiplayer Demo This Weekend for PS3 and 4 is a Go

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 02, 2014 12:59 PM EDT

Still haven't tried Call of Duty: Ghosts, yet? Today's just as good as any (especially since Advanced Wars won't be here for a while). Actually, it's a whole lot better, because there's a demo for the game's multiplayer this weekend for PlayStation gamers, and it's ready to go.

As detailed by a post on the PlayStation Blog, the demo offers players the chance to try Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Rescue game modes on the Strikezone, Warhawk, and Prison Break maps. And to sample the game's alien blasting Extinction mode, you and up to three friends can band together to rid a Colorado town of its alien invaders by detonating a nuke, and hustling back to a helicopter before that thing blows you to pieces along with the cryptids.

Players have until this time Monday, May 5, to give it a whirl.

The timing couldn't be better either, as Ghosts' latest DLC, Devastation, is set to hit PC and PlayStation platforms in less than a week from today, May 8. The DLC is free for Season Pass holders, but will cost $14.99 for non-holders.

In the event you've missed out on all of our covereage for the DLC, here's a quick recap on what Devastation brings to the table:


* Ruins: set in what's left of a Mayan temple complex in Central America, this map is unique in that it has two Field Order Rewards. The first will cause the maps volcano to erupt, sending smoldering hot rock and magma directly at all other players. The second will put players in control of a famous space hunter, giving them access to his iconic and deadly weaponry.

* Behemoth: throws player onto a giant earth excavator saw high off the ground, with long sight lines ideal for long-range weapons, while the confined interiors of the platform's control rooms make for intense SMG and Shotgun encounters. This map's Field Order Reward sets players aboard a mini-gun equipped chopper.

* Collision: set on the mangled remains of a cargo ship that's crashed into a New York City bridge. The map's tight corridors create a space perfect for run-and-gun players has two excellent spots for snipers while everyone else will be forced to run 'n gun. If the longshots are a bit too problematic, complete the Field Order to call in an air strike from a fighter jet.

* Unearthed: Modern Warfare 3 players will recognize this as "Dome," only reimagined as an excavation dig. Despite the rehashed map, this map features one of the more uniqe Field Order Rewards, which summons three cryptid aliens from the game's Extinction mode, along with the game's Venom-X weapon introduced in Onslaught.


Continuing in the theme of Onslaught's Maverick, Devastation adds the two-in-one Ripper rifle, which Season Pass holders have been having a blast with since early March.

"The Ripper brings with it something we've never done in call of duty before," said Joseph Cecot, Ghosts' multiplayer designer. "It gives you the ability to switch between a submachinegun and assault rifle on the fly. You need to clear a room? Switch to your submachine gun, fire from the hip, take 'em out. You need to pick a guy off at a distance? Swap to your AR, flip your reflex sight, and pick 'em off."


Lastly, Extinction gets a new episode, "Mayday." The new episode starts up right after the events of Nightfall, with the Quick Reaction team sent to investigate a ghost ship in the South Pacific. There, players will encounter two new cryptid types:

* Seeder - similar to the acid belching Scorpion, the Seeder boasts two "improvements" over its cousin. While its projectile spewing tendencies are a great offense, much like creature's name implies, it's also capable of producing larva that can stick to surfaces and defend hives. The Seeder will also be harder to put in your cross hairs, as it can climb on ceilings, to boot.

* Kraken - while players had a behemoth of a boss to fight in "Nightfall," the Kraken dwarfs the Breeder. As you'd expect from the name, the Kraken sports whip like tentacles capable of snapping your spine like a twig.

Luckily, much like Onslaught's Venom-X, Devastation will also provide a new weapon to help you take down the leviathan, but no specifics on that just yet. Check out a trailer here, and the DLC's list of new trophies / achievements here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place in a near future following an attack from space that leaves Los Angeles virtually wiped out, and the United States' infrastructure devastated. Years later, the country is invaded by a new superpower, a conglomerate of South American nations calling itself the "Federation." What's left of America's special forces have come together to form the titular "Ghosts," and it's up to them to wage guerrilla warfare against the Federation in order to protect what remains of the United States, and drive the Federation out.

Beyond the campaign, the game's multiplayer mode, which promises a slew of different customization options for weapons, character camos, and more. Over 30 new weapons are included alongside old favorites.

Despite not the best reviews ever for a Call of Duty game, Ghosts was a hit right out of the gate, and it looks like it'll be continuing on that path for the foreseeable future.

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