'Microsoft Xbox One' News: Company To Roll Out 'New IP And New Sequels' At 'E3 2014' ? [RUMORS & Details]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated May 05, 2014 12:47 PM EDT

Microsoft's new boss Phil Spencer has made quite the rep for himself already, as a games-first captain on the Xbox ship.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Praised Phil Spencer and Blew the Internet Up a Few Weeks Ago  

Last night Spencer took to Twitter to answer some pressing fan questions, and the results just hammered home the fact that Microsoft will be bringing games, games and more games to next month's E3.

First off, Spencer apologized for his absence from Twitter recently, as apparently he's been in China for a little while getting ready for the Xbox One China release:

Microsoft's Phil Spencer Plays PS4! Next, Spencer answered one fan's questions about the possibility of timed game trials on Xbox One, as well as more demos. Spencer wants both, as it turns out:

Spencer tackled a number of questions about Microsoft's E3 conference, of course without divulging too many details. As he's alluded to in the past, Spencer elaborated that games will be front and center during Microsoft's E3 presentation this year, including lots of new announcements of both IPs and sequels:

Oh, but that's not all. Spencer also said that there will be some announcements coming this month, before E3. Maybe there's just not enough room in the E3 presentation?

Apparently Spencer and Microsoft had entertained the idea of using the all-new Windows Phone Cortana assistant to help narrate their presentation, but thought it would be overkill:

Oh, and don't expect a Microsoft handheld console anytime soon, unfortunately. Although Microsoft is entertaining the idea of controller support for Windows Phone and Windows tablets:

Spencer also mentioned a 343 Industries game, but an IP. I'm guessing that's not Halo news then... Interesting:

Spencer entertained the idea of using a third party studio to develop a Microsoft IP:

There will also apparently be some Japanese games shown off at E3:

There's plenty more in his Q&A, including what his favorite JRPG is on Xbox 360 (spoiler: it's Blue Dragon) and a potential Battletoads sequel, but I'll leave you with this note, in hopes that it means Banjo Threeie will come to Xbox:

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