'Watch Dogs' Release Date: Xbox One Version Of Install To Take Up Over 20 GB of Hard Drive Space [RELEASE DATE, Game Trailer]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated May 05, 2014 03:53 PM EDT

Even though it has 500GB of storage, it's likely that your Xbox One or PS4 could be getting towards capacity if you've been buying most of the games coming out. So it would kind of suck if Watch Dogs was so big that it put you over the edge.

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Luckily, the size of the Watch Dogs install has released, for Xbox One owners at least. The Xbox Live store page is live for the game, which revealed just how much space the game will take up on your hard drive.

The result is 20.42 GB, a healthy chunk of space, but not nearly as large as games like NBA 2K14 (43.89 GB) or Battlefield 4 (34.31 GB).

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There's still no confirmation on how much space the game will take up on PS4, but you have to figure it'll be more or less the same amount.

A lot has come out about Watch Dogs recently, including a complete list of achievements and the confirmation that the Wii U version is on the way.

Watch Dogs will be out three weeks from tomorrow, on May 27. A teaser video of the game can be viewed below.

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