Solar Powered Roads Could Revolutionize Our Paved Streets And Environment, Crowd Funding Now On IndieGoGo [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 14, 2014 06:43 PM EDT

As the video for this innovative technology states, our roadways have not changed much over the past few decades, while almost everything else has. Solar Roadways is looking to change that, seeking to replace our paved streets with high-tech solar-paneled roads.

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The project is seeking funding on IndieGoGo, with a rather high goal of $1 million. That amount is understandable for such an undertaking, but they've only managed to attain $151,000 with 18 days to go. You can watch the video below for a look at Solar Roadways, which is comprised of impressive super-durable textured glass with circuit boards underneath that house the solar panels.

The project is a creation by couple Scott and Julie Brushaw, who have written extensively about their design and choices on the IndieGoGo page. I recommend reading it, as it's honestly very interesting and impressive. The long-term and large-scale viability of Solar Roadways are probably what's in doubt, but they've definitely created working technology here.

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They've used recycled glass when available to help the planet, which is a main goal of the project as a whole. Solar energy is of course more clean and efficient than other fuels, and the road can light itself and provide energy to other facilities. The Brushaws have also created a solution for cables and wiring, putting long underground panels alongside the roadways that house the necessary wires.

There's a long way to go, though the page says they've wrapped up their "second contract with the Federal Highway Administration and walking on our first solar parking lot prototype," so I'm not sure to what degree Solar Roadways is dependent on just the crowd-funding campaign. If you want it to become a large-scale reality though and have money to spare, donate on the IndieGoGo page now.

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