Super Smash Bros 4 Release Date: Latest Reveals From This Week Show Off Playable Ike, Assist Trophy Item, Giga Mac & More

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 24, 2014 12:04 PM EDT

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS details have been consistently coming from Nintendo ahead of the release of both versions. The game will be out this summer on 3DS and this winter on Wii U, but it seems we'll have to wait until E3 this June for a specific release date.

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What we do get for now is Nintendo's daily updates on the game's official website, which mostly consists of daily pictures with captions. The last significant info drop came from a Nintendo Direct video a while back (you can watch it below), which revealed several new characters and details.

Nintendo does not update the site on the weekends, however, making it a good time to look back at what has been announced this week--especially if you missed it the first time around.

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The week started off a with a light post from series director Masahiro Sakurai, who chooses what to put on the site each day. He put up a picture of Punch-Out!!'s Giga Mac staring down Pikmin's Captain Olimar and wrote the accompanying caption like a diary entry from the latter. Not exactly news, but a fun post nonetheless and a better look at Giga Mac.

Next we saw the assist trophy item itself, rather than the reveal of yet another character who could be inside the capsule. Midweek, we got the first of two looks at design tweaks, with Sakurai showing us how characters would always have their bodies pointing towards the camera no matter which direction you were facing.

The other design change is a new colored outline (at least in the 3DS mode) that appears around each player in team battles to help differentiate between everyone. You can also customize your character color in team battles now because of this, which wasn't possible before.

By far the most exciting update was Friday's news that Ike would be rejoining the fray as a playable character, fresh off his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You can check out his new look here. That was all the Super Smash Bros. information we were given this week, but keeping checking back for more details and, hopefully, a surprise release date announcement.

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