'Mirror's Edge 2' Trailer E3 2014: Early Faith And Environment Concept Footage Revealed [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 09, 2014 04:28 PM EDT

We got a first look at Mirror's Edge 2 during EA's E3 press conference today, with a focus on main character Faith and her design, as well as making movement more realistic than before.

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The developers at DICE showed off prototype footage of the player navigating the environment, showing off the different moves you'll be capable of. Her combat is meant to be quick and efficient, and more experienced players will be able to find better paths across the city that may be safer than others.

A running trend during EA's conference was showing off the development process of games and what they hope to achieve with brief conceptual videos, but not much in-game footage. It happened with Mirror's Edge 2, the next Mass Effect title, Criterion's extreme stunts game, and others. We know the games are in development and the direction the teams are headed in, but the processes still seem fairly early on.

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Either way, Mirror's Edge is a fan favorite and those who played the first will be excited that a sequel is in development--one of few series that does not see an annual or semi-annual release.

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