SteamBoy E3 2014 Trailer, New Handheld Console Lets You Play Your Favorite Steam Games Anywhere [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 13, 2014 10:46 AM EDT

Do you ever look at your library of strange and esoteric Steam games and think, 'Man, you know what I want to do? I want to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent on the train.' Because of course that's a good idea, right? Your wishes are closer to reality than you might think. Yesterday at the conclusion of E3, SteamBoy Machine Team released a very short, very ominous teaser for their upcoming handheld project called SteamBoy.

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"Announced earlier this year, Steam Machines are new entertainment systems targeted for play Steam games in the living room. Steamboy takes a step forward, carrying the fun everywhere."

"I think people will get shocked by Steamboy potential and possibilities" said SteamBoy Machine Team. "SteamBoy is the first device that allows to play Steam games on the go, you will keep playing your favourite games at the bus, the office, the school or the doctor's waiting room."

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Looking like a somewhat bulky Game Gear (does no one else remember that?), SteamBoy will release into a saturated market, which includes the Vita, the 3DS and not to mention years of phone gaming. It will, however, have a distinct advantage with the Steam OS, which offers games its competitors only wish they had.

SteamBoy Machine Team has not revealed a release date nor has a final price been determined. The handheld will allow gamers to play nearly all current generation Steam games.

Who knows what will come of the project, remember the last Steam based console? Me, neither. But you must say that SteamBoy knows how to make quite an entrance.

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