Super Smash Bros 4 Release Date News: Latest Reveals From E3 2014 Include Pac-man, Lady Palutena, Home-run Contest & Gamecube Controller For Wii U

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 14, 2014 03:04 PM EDT

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS details have been consistently coming from Nintendo ahead of the release of both versions, especially after an exciting E3. The game will be out on October 3 for 3DS and this holiday season on Wii U, though we'll likely have to wait for winter to approach for a specific release date.

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Along with the daily updates on the official site, E3 was a source of information that we won't usually have, leading to more reveals than normal this week and plenty for fans to get excited about.

Nintendo revealed multiple new playable characters during and after its E3 Digital Event, introducing four fighters that include three Super Smash Bros debutants. Mr. Game & Watch is returning alongside newcomers Pac-man, Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus, and the customizable Mii Fighters.

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The Pac-man announcement is a particular highlight, as it was definitely unexpected and revealed late in the day. Series director Masahiro Sakurai used one of the week's daily posts to marvel at the fact that the iconic yellow character, Mario, Sonic, and Megaman will all be in the same game together.

Nintendo also announced it will in fact be selling the Gamecube controller that appeared in the video for the Wii U adapter, allowing fans access to the preferred control method for Super Smash Bros. if they don't still have a working one. Another daily update revealed the Home-run Contest mini-game on 3DS, showing that E3 wasn't the only source of news this week despite grabbing the spotlight.

Check back for more Smash Bros. news each day, and keep an eye out for new character reveals or a Wii U release date as we get close to the 3DS version's launch.

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