'Super Smash Bros 4' Character News: Rayman Trophy Hints At Ubisoft's Hero As Next New Challenger? [SCREEN]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 14, 2014 09:38 AM EDT

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS details will keep coming from Nintendo ahead of the staggered release of both versions, even after all the excitement from E3.

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The title will be out for 3DS on October 3, as Nintendo announced at the gaming conference, and this holiday season on Wii U. A specific release date for the console version will likely be forthcoming as winter approaches, but Nintendo has plenty of time to make that announcement.

Several new characters and other details were revealed at E3 as expected, including the unveiling of Lady Palutena, Pac-man, Mr. Game & Watch, and the Mii Fighters. Even after these major announcements, though, series director Masahiro Sakurai will continue to give us comparatively smaller details through the official site in the form of a daily picture update.

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Today's post could be big news, given that Nintendo is set to reveal a new character today. The pic of the day is of Rayman's trophy, who is not yet in the game in any other fashion. He could be the new character, here is Sakurai's description of the trophy:

"In order to make Rayman's trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it's wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!"

Nintendo will reveal the new character at 10 a.m. EST, so check back for the news as its revealed, whether it's Rayman or someone else!

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