Enter Black ‘Captain America’ Sam Wilson! Steve Rogers Steps Aside For The Falcon, Female Thor In New Avengers [PICTURES]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 17, 2014 09:45 AM EDT

Captain America's buddy Sam Wilson (also known as The Falcon) is to take over his buddy Steve Rogers' mantle as the star-spangled Avenger in an upcoming Avengers comic book series alongside the new (and as yet unknown) female Thor.

Marvel Rule 63's Thor!

These guys have been around since the Silver Age (Golden Age for 1940s Cap), so cut them some slack - let them young bucks take over for a while. FalCap has wings to go with the old glory suit, so they're not making a big secret out of who's under the mask. Which, come to think of it, they couldn't, really cuz... you know, the skin would show and... oh god I'll stop talking.

You gotta wonder, with Bucky as the Winter Soldier on this new Avengers team (a former Cap himself!), what kinda friction's gonna happen. Will 1940s Bucky whine about affirmative action? Also of note - besides female Thor, Iron Man's got a shiny new suit on as well. Are they sitting on a new Iron (wo)Man to be revealed as well? Perhaps they'll go for the diversity trifecta and have a queer person in the armor. That'd be cool!

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Reveals Villain

Little detail: they changed Deathlok's design up a bit to make him look more like J. August Richards' version of the character on ABC's Agents of SHIELD. No no, he's not cheap, he's just comic-accurate!

Ironically, the two books I'm following right because of "Yay women creators and characters!" are the two Marvel legacy books (Captain and Miss). Carol Danvers is out in space (not) fighting the Spartax, so she's fairly unaware of any rumblings in the Avengers, and Kamala Khan is just a kid way over her head (I 100% recommend this title to any beginning comic book reader, by the way).

You know, I'm a bit Marvel-biased, but I'll give DC this one: a black dude was Superman (granted, one of like half a dozen Supermen) twenty years ago. Don't get cocky, Marv!

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