Battlefield 4 DLC To Go Beyond Final Stand? Gamers Find Hints Within Game Code [VIDEO]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 30, 2014 08:07 AM EDT

YouTuber Westie shows us some very interesting possibilities embedded within Battlefield 4's code. Prepare to get schooled in some basic coding!

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Apologies if coding language is misreported or technical terms are fudged, but feel free to throw corrections at us in the comments. Westie pulls up some game code and shows us the strings with the slots for DLC packs, marked "XP" for expansion. They are in ascending order, ranging from 0 to 7. 0 is Second Assault, 1 is China Rising, 2 is Naval Strike, 3 is the recently released Dragon's Teeth, 4 is Final Stand whose release date is yet to be announced.

Now, the interesting part is here: the null string, signifying the end of a particular type of code, only appears in the seventh slot. This leaves slots 5 and 6 open for more potential DLC. Could be quite telling considering Battlefield Hardline has been delayed into 2015, and EA might want some content to bridge that gap.

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The War of 2020 need not suffer any undue story alterations, though, as Westie helpfully suggests that there is plenty of non-narrative content that may be implemented into Battlefield 4. For instance: Bad Company 2 maps remade with BF4's Frostbite engine could make for some fantastic destruction, something that is somewhat lacking in BF4 with the exception of Dragon's Teeth's Propaganda map.

Dear reader, what say you? Are extra DLC offerings to bridge the Hardline delay a good idea at all? If so, what do you suggest? Sound off below!

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