Star Wars: Commander iOS Game Offers Clash of Clans Style Battles: Update Unlocks New Rebel Droids, Empire Shocktroopers

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 22, 2014 09:23 AM EDT

Ever wanted to build Rebel bases and defend them from the Empire (or the other way around)? Now you can on your iOS devices thanks to Star Wars: Commander.

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Talking to the Guardian, Disney Interactive's executive producer and vice president of operations, Nathan Etter says: "We thought about what the core tenets of Star Wars are: the really cool things that we want to bring to life and let players experience. And here, that's experiencing what it's like to be a battlefield commander on either the Empire or Rebel side."

The two sides are quite distinct, as seen in the movies, Etter adds: "Playing for the Empire, you have this mechanised might and amazing ground forces, but on the other side, you're scrappier, but there are also these iconic characters like Chewie and Princess Leia that can team up with you to go after the Empire."

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The latest update of the game adds new Imperial and Rebel units:

For the rebels:

  •  Rebel Sharpshooter: Deal extreme damage to enemy forces with these elite Rebel soldiers!
  •  Hailfire Droid: Unleash these rapid-fire droids, and use them to destroy Imperial vehicles!
  •  Vanguard: Unlock the Vanguard when you play The Dandoran Conflict. Once you do, use it to smash through opponents' walls!

For the Empire:

  •  Sniper Trooper: Prep your army for long range combat with these stealthy troopers!
  •  Mobile Heavy Cannon: Employ these powerful, massive cannons to take down enemy vehicles!
  •  Shocktrooper: Unlock the Shocktrooper when you play The Dandoran Conflict, and use them to blast through gaping holes in your enemy's base!

The game is only out on iPhone and iPad right now, but more devices and systems will be announced in the near future.

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