Gauntlet Remake Release Date Pushed Back, Gameplay Video Shows Crisp New Visuals For Arcade Classic

By Connor Sears , Updated Aug 27, 2014 03:40 PM EDT

Vintage arcade fans still have another month to wait before they can get their hands on Arrowhead Game Studios' remake of the dungeon-crawling co-op game Gauntlet, whose release date has been slightly postponed. This new gameplay video, however, can at least give us an idea of what to expect when the game drops Sept. 23.

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The video, posted on the WB Games UK YouTube Channel, goes into the play styles of the four heroes traversing the titular Gauntlet, each of whom has his own speed and attack patterns. 

Fans of old fashioned, honest-to-goodness hacking and slashing should head straight for the Warrior. His attacks are all about dealing heavy damage up close and personal, for those players who don't take too kindly to subtlety.

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The Valkyrie is more of a defensive choice, using his spear to quickly charge through enemies while protecting his party from frontal assaults with his shield. Captain America fans might also want to check out this character, as his shield can be thrown to deal distance damage to multiple targets.

Players who like keeping their hands clean might want to stick with the Elf, whose volley of arrows and dodge roll keeps him well away from danger. Tactics also come into play with the elf's bombs, which, with a little skill in timing, can decimate a horde of enemies.

The Wizard rounds out the party with a wide variety of attacks. Different spells run the gamut from dealing quick, short-range damage to long, arcing attacks that end with a satisfying explosion.

Gameplay in Gauntlet changes between exploring planned level environments, racing through procedurally generated maps and facing off against hordes in an arena-style, survival mode. And although you'll often be relying on your teammates, that doesn't mean you should completely trust them. Throughout levels, players will be competing to see who can net more kills and who can collect the most gold. Rewards can then be used to buy armor, weapons and even legendary relics that make your character considerably more deadly.

As the video states, there are thousands of ways to die in the Gauntlet, and there's only a month left before we get to find out as many of them as we can for ourselves.

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