New Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Trailer: Meet Ratbag, Your Double Agent In The Orcs' Society [VIDEO]

By Connor Sears , Updated Aug 29, 2014 02:59 PM EDT

Getting revenge on an entire army is a tad difficult to do alone, even if half of you is an immortal wraith. Fortunately, in Shadow of Mordor, the player is getting some help from the inside, though he's not exactly the ideal partner.

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A new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor introduces us to Ratbag, a double-crossing Orc who is more than happy to help you assassinate your way through the Orcish military as long as you keep him alive. Up until this point, the previews for Monolith's upcoming action RPG have shown the player character Talion as a lone wolf, taking on the Uruk-hai solo, albeit with a host of wraith powers at his disposal.

The new video, though, reveals how Talion will get some help from Ratbag, a scrawny Orc with dreams of becoming a powerful war chief, and how Ratbag can benefit from teaming up with the ranger set on revenge. From what we can see from the trailer, Ratbag looks to serve as Talion's envoy into Sauron's forces, becoming the hero's man (or Orc, rather) on the inside. As Talion kills more of Sauron's top brass, Ratbag can rise up through the ranks, giving him new access to some of the more elusive, protected figures on Talion's hit list.

Shadow Of Mordor Gets Some Hands-On Time From Sony

According to the YouTube description, Ratbag will be "critical" to Talion's story, meaning that he's probably not just a set of side missions. Still, grooming this puny excuse for an Uruk-hai into a feared leader should be an exciting aspect of the game. And now at least we know where most of the game's comic relief is probably going to come from.

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