'Superhero Tinder' Short Film Shows Us Love In The Time Of Online Dating [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 03, 2014 10:39 PM EDT

Let's face it: dating these days takes skill and strength of superhero proportions. You would think it would be easier for people with actual super powers, but as this latest video Superhero Tinder shows, it can be just as tough, if not tougher on the superhumans. Most of us don't have to worry if we're going to accidentally explode our dates.

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The video is from Restless Films, who last year scored big with their viral hit A Relationship In Five Minutes. The short movie follows two costumed heroes as they awkwardly meet, drunkenly stammer through a good many karaoke songs and do what every New Yorker loves to do: bitch about how the city used to be way more dangerous. Anyone who's ever been on a date should find something relatable in these two nameless figures.

The idea came about randomly and very quickly. Director Court Dunn had an idea about two superheroes who couldn't be together, a friend with a fantastic color of hair and an actor friend who was moving in about a week. He had to work fast. Armed with little more than a concept, much like ARI5M, he secured some locations (bOb Bar on the Lower East Side) and one of many karaoke parlors up in K-town and set actors Autumn Stein and Adam Rosetti to work.

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When the two showed up to perform, neither knew much more about the shoot than the concept. Autumn's costume was bought an hour before the camera rolled, while Adam's mask, which he holds in his hand like an extra at a fancy masquerade, was quickly found to not have a snap to attach it to his head. "Screw it." they collectively said and went ahead anyways.

It's the little quirks and unexpected delights that can translate well onto film. Personally, the mask is a constant gag running throughout the movie.

Dunn pays the bills with his hip-hop videos, with artists such as Awkwafina and Common, but at his heart he is a self-proclaimed "hopeless romantic". Superhero Tinder and ARI5M are his love letters to, well, love in the time of social media. Everyone hides behind the mask of the internet; you can be anyone and always put your best face forward. What must it be like when you have an actual mask to contend with?

He was quite surprised at the success of A Relationship In 5 Minutes. He even admitted that he "didn't think it was marketable." when he finished it, but the internet is a wily creature and her desires are unknowable. Of course, he'd like to see the success replicated in his latest video.

Mr. Dunn appears to have fallen a little bit in love himself. Though he couldn't divulge many details, he says that he is working on a follow-up possibly featuring the unnamed female character. Don't expect a lot of bells and whistles. Dunn would like to see the superhero genre strip away some of the excess and see a "different approach. Superheroes are always so different than regular people," he says, "The movies always make it as grand as possible...[it's] become so absurdist."

"I'd like them to bring it back a notch. Use the superhero as a backdrop." He then added that he'd like to see someone do something "like what Jim Jarmusch did with the vampire genre." Referring to Jarmuch's latest offering, Only Lovers Left Alive, starring Tom Hiddleston, who you may better know as Loki from The Avengers.

When asked which licensed heroes he would love to see hit it off via Tinder, Dunn had to think a while. "Psylocke...and Deadpool." he eventually responded. "I'm obsessed with Psylocke."

Now tell me that isn't a team-up you'd pay good money to see! Marvel, I know just the man for your next project.

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