Three New Nintendo 3DS XL Special Editions Announced; Choose Among Super Smash Bros, Persona Q And Old School NES Controller

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 10, 2014 01:22 PM EDT

Today at the GameStop EXPO, Nintendo unveiled not one, not two, but three, yes, three new Nintendo 3DS XL editions featuring skins harkening back to the storied past and looking ahead to some of the upcoming titles.

Exclusive Hyrule Warriors Edition Comes To New York City Because Duh, New York City

The anticipation for Super Smash Bros has reached a fever pitch. In honor of the October 3 release of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS, retailers everywhere will begin selling a red or blue skinned 3DS XL on September 19. The art will feature a dozen of the game's characters, perfect for the collector or Smash Bros obsessed fan in your life, although the pack will not feature the game. Hopefully, that will come later. The suggested price is $199.99.

Up next, Nintendo brings it back, old school style. People who head on in to GameStop can pick up the exclusive NES themed 3DS XL. At last, the spiritual success to the original GBA NES-themed version! You can find it on October 10 when it hits shelves for $199.99.

Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo Launches In Japan

Lastly, Nintendo announced the GameStop exclusive Persona Q edition. The system is being released in honor of the upcoming release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on Novmber 25. The 3DS XL is detailed with the grimoire, "the tome used by the attendants of the Velvet Room and containing information on the many Personas" used in across the Persona series. Suggested retail of $199.99, game not included.

"We expect these new special-edition designs to be in high demand," said Michael Turner, director of merchandising at GameStop in the press release. "Nintendo 3DS is a great kid-friendly gaming device with excellent games, and we are pleased to share that these new designs are available for pre-order starting today."

We here at GameNGuide are rocking the gold Legend of Zelda 3DS XLs, but I have to admit, that NES one has us mighty tempted. What do you think?

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