Star Wars 7 Plot Rumors, Leaks: Photos Reveal Black X-Wing, Daisy Ridley’s Boba Fett Like Outfit [PICTURES]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 12, 2014 08:21 AM EDT

A JJ Abrams movie comes with a lot of secrecy, so it's up to fans and inquisitive geek sites to find out what's what - especially on a production as huge as Star Wars: Episode VII. Today we bring you a costume update for Daisy Ridley's unknown character and a first for Star Wars history: a black X-wing.

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Star Wars has historically been one of the most morally simplistic movie franchises of all times. There's the good guys, the bad guys, and never shall the twain meet. Yes, the prequels tried to be morally gray by showing Anakin's descent, but did anything work in those movies to the extent a viewer could say "Wow, I guess Star Wars is complex now..."?

Things painted black are usually the domain of baddies, so let's all start speculating on what a black X-wing, as shown in Latino Review's spy pics, could mean. Luke Skywalker also wore black in Return of the Jedi, but this was to show him being tempted by the dark side. That was the big deal at the end of the movie, if you'll recall: Will he, won't he? With John Boyega playing an ex-stormtrooper and the lines between the Empire and Republic blurring, according to Badass Digest's sources, could this be his character's ride perhaps?

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In other news, Daisy Ridley's unknown (of course) character's outfit has been seen by Jason Ward of Making Star Wars. The specific page where the drawings were posted now leads to a 404, so I'd put some credence behind this. Doesn't it look a bit like a mix between a bounty hunter and a rebel soldier from Jedi, forest moon edition?

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