Charity Video Games Event With Will Ferrell: Find Out How To Play With The Anchorman Himself

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 12, 2014 11:44 AM EDT

Movie star, comedian and cowbell Will Ferrell has taken to IndieGogo to fund a very special type of children's charity: the SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge. Donate to children's cancer research and have the opportunity to play games with Ron Burgundy himself, live on Twitch.

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Visit the donations page right here, even if you have no intention of going live in front of millions of viewers to get owned by the classiest man in San Diego - and in any case, you'd have to be extremely lucky, as only ONE (1!) donor will be selected out of (at the time of writing, with over a month to go) 566 people, with everyone who donated more than $25 getting more than one entry in the sweepstakes.

The minimum amount for a reward is $10, which gives you 1 entry in the sweepstakes for the Twitch event and $5 Amazon store credit for video game purchases. The highest perk is for donors of $5,000 and up - which pays for a college scholarship - who will be getting 5 entries.

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Besides Amazon video game store credit, there's also physical prizes which include shirts, hoodies, special Will Ferrell SuperMegaBlastMax gamer sunscreen (really). There were also special SuperMegaBlastMax cowbells and Xbox controllers autographed by Will Ferrell, but these are (understandably) already all sold out.

The Ferrell/Twitch game will happen on October 12 in San Francisco. Don't live near the Bay? You'll be flown out all expenses paid with a friend, with two nights of hotel costs taken care of as well. Now what's your excuse not to donate?

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