Pokémon Company Reveals Special Edition Suede New Nintendo 3DS Models Featuring Groudon, Kyogre Prints

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 15, 2014 05:13 PM EDT

When it comes to the release of a new Pokémon game, Japan always seems to get the coolest stuff. It certainly seems to hold true so far this fall, especially considering the slick special edition models of the New Nintendo 3DS that Pokémon Japan announced in honor of the upcoming release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

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The consoles come in two models. One has a black body with a backplate and faceplate covered in red suede. This "New Nintendo 3DS Groudon Edition" comes with a print of Primal Groudon on the front and one of regular Groudon on the back. The other model comes in a white body with a backplate and faceplate covered in blue suede. As would be expected, this "New Nintendo 3DS Kyogre Edition" comes with a print of Primal Kyogre on the front and one of regular Kyogre on the back.

These special edition consoles can be reserved at Pokémon Centers in Japan, and will be available for purchase starting September 20 and running until the supply runs out.

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For those confused by the branding of this special edition system (and, let's face it, who isn't when discussing Nintendo's handhelds nowadays) these consoles are the "New Nintendo 3DS" system, the newly announced system that includes better 3D graphics, a faster processor, a C-stick and additional shoulder buttons.

To be clear, these special edition systems aren't a bundle, either. They don't come with a copy of the upcoming Pokémon game. They don't even come with an AC adapter. All they come with is a special theme that users can install on their 3DS home screen.

Of course, these suave-looking systems likely won't ever be sold outside of Japan's coastline, which is a shame. Aside from being able to show anyone who looks your way that you are a big fan of Pokémon, it must be nice to be able to rest your fingers on the soft suede of the backplate as you marathon your new Pokémon game.

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