iPhone 6 Bendgate: New Video Pits Skinny Jeans Against Apple's Latest Device; Who Will Win? [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 24, 2014 09:54 AM EDT

So you thought #gamergate was a big deal? Clearly, you haven't been on the internet too long. Social justice and the rights of the largest majority on earth pale in comparison to...endlessly complaining about Apple products. The latest outrage: #bendgate

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The basic breakdown, the "skinny", if you will, is this: people are reporting that their iPhone 6s are being bent when they put the latest Apple product into their pants. Which I like to think is a vast conspiracy by Tim Cook to get people to stop wearing skinny jeans. More than likely it is an unfortunate side effect of the new, thinner iPhone model. Read all about it here.

Restless Films, who recently brought us Superhero Tinder and previously introduced us to the A Relationship In 5 Minutes viral sensation last year, loves their iDevices. But they certainly aren't above making fun of them. Their latest video, which debuted last week, is called iPhone 6 vs Skinny Jeans, which is a short little number about the struggle one dude (Restless Films founder and director Court Dunn) has against the tyranny of modern device design.

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Who is the villain? Is it the jeans for being too tight, or the phone for being too big?

Obviously, Mr. Dunn is exaggerating the situation. He didn't even have an iPhone 6 when he made the video, instead using an iPad mini, which is somewhat close in size. But, as James Cameron would say, 'Films are lies at 24 frames per second.' But the idea remains: these phones are big! And bad things can happen. Watch the short little video below.

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