Tekken 7 News: Catalina Will Be Newb-Friendly, Invincible Moves A Thing Of The Past

By Luca Saitta , Updated Oct 02, 2014 08:31 AM EDT

From Tekken to Mortal Kombat to Killer Instinct - every fighting game's had it. That one character (or several, if you're unlucky) that just has that one combo, that one move so ridiculously unblockable that, when executed correctly, is an unstoppable tidal wave of death. Or, in the parlance of the initiated, the "cheap" character. With Tekken 7? No more, Harada-san says!

Bandai Will Let Tekken 7 Be Tested At Arcades THIS WEEKEND

In an interview with Eventhubs for the Tokyo Game Show, Tekken game director Katsuhiro Harada had a chat bout new fighter Catalina, the South American savate expert and her noob-friendliness. "It's not so much about the number of techniques. For people who know how to play Tekken, they'd know to try out different strings, right? Like Left Kick, Right Punch or something like that."

"But for beginners, they're not going to think to try out these combinations. We've noticed that many beginners would just jam on the buttons -- usually something like Left Kick, Left Kick, Left Kick or Right Punch, Right Punch, Right Punch. For Catalina, she will have strings that comprise entirely of repeated presses of the same button. So that when they're jamming on the buttons, at least there will be some cool and flashy moves that will come out. So in that sense Catalina will be easier to play, and [serve as] at the very least a foothold in the door."

Tekken 7 Unveils New Latina Fighter Catalina

"Cheap" moves had basically been officially codified into the Tekken canon as "Invincible" moves, part of the Tekken Revolution game - combos that, when started, were impossible to counter or mitigate in any way. No worries, though: "In general, elements from Tekken Revolution, such as fully invincible moves, will be not included in Tekken 7."

The final chapter of the Mishima saga will come to arcades and multiple platforms (no official word on which ones, though even PC has been rumored) in 2015.

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