Farming Simulator 15 Trailer: Experience A Day In The Life On The Farm With Updated Graphics, Mechanics And Vehicles [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 16, 2014 01:25 PM EDT

We are a scant two weeks away from the release of Farming Simulator 15, which will welcome players to the new generation of farming sims. Whilst the last generation of them was scant, the new one promises to be so real, you can smell the chaffed wheat.

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There is always something to do on the farm. From dawn until well after dusk, fences need to be mended, animals need to be husbanded, crops sown and reaped. The latest trailer invites you to experience a day on the farm, from all the highs to all the lows. A new physics engine, vehicles, game mechanics (and probably a healthy smattering of real mechanics), improved visuals and a vast farmland is sure to offer "the richest and most detailed farming experience ever." All the fun of farming, with none of the actual work. Sign me up, I am really lazy, after all.

The game also features a robust multiplayer environment, where you can grab your closest 14 friends to help develop a farm. I do not believe the game includes legal representation for when your friends start bickering about who owns what, and then there's the inevitable GMO question which will just continue to muck up things as it is for the real-life farmers.

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Additionally, there are a wealth of vehicles and tools to choose from. 140 to be exact, from all major brands, too.

I kid, but Farming Simulator is no joke. The previous 2013 version sold in excess of 2 million units, and with all the new improvements, graphics and new mechanics (you can add 'woodcutting' to your repertoire), the 2015 version is sure to do a damn sight more. Farming Simulator 15 hits PC on October 30 for $29.99. A console release is due out some time next year.

Spend A Day In The Life on the farm below!

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